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  1. Hello, I’m looking to buy a used R1 or R6. Been riding bikes for over 40 years. Mostly dirt bikes but also a lot of street. Currently full sized Goldwing and a KTM 500 dual sport. Closest to a sport bike has been my FJR 1300 and my FZ-09. trying to decide between the 600 and 1000. I can get a 2003 R6 with only 2500 miles for $3500 or an 2005 R1 with 26000 miles for $4000. Most of my friends say get the R1, I’m just not sure though. I’m 6’ and 220. Want the one that I will be most comfortable on. I’m 52, and don’t plan on hot dogging or stunting. Maybe try a track day or two, occasional wheelies, but just casual fun short rides around the area. (Pacific Northwest). Looking for suggestions and reasons. Thanks in advance!!
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