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  1. Welcome Jack and as Alex says cant go wrong with either bike but as a R6 1999 model owner for well since 1999 I say it is the better choice as all round bike my reasoning being you are not as much on your wrists as on the R1. That being said you should go have a fit and a test drive see how you like them.
  2. IceR6

    MR trail

    A friend of mine is restoring a 1981/82 yamaha mr trail 50 cc but finding parts for this model seems impossible even the older mr are very hard too find. is there anyone that can be of some help, is the dt50 of same year possibly the same bike?
  3. Hello I am Hlodver from Iceland owner of a 1999 r6 recently overhauled and repainted have had it since new, recently got my hands on a very tired fzr1000 genesis that needs a lot of everything.
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