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Going froma R125 YZF, to Kawasaki Z800 Sugomi

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So, been on my YZF R125 for about 7 months now, was hoping to get at least a years experience before I moved up. However I went into some bike shops and saw the Z800 Sugomi.


I was originally set on a GSXR 750 or Ninja 600, but they are so common, I wanted something a little bit different, plus the insurance for a supersport compared to a situp right was quite steep! 

This is my YZF R125 2011, Dalkavik exhast (it's loud!)



Awesome bike, but, do you guys have an tips for going to my new Z800 Sugomi, thing is brand new - you will all shout at me for that! - and a LOT more powerful and a LOT heavier, 100KG extra to be precise. 

Quickly, why did I buy a brand new bike? Well, I looked high and low, there are no second hand version of this thing, if I found one it was only around £300 cheaper. It was also the LAST one, the dealership said they wont get anymore of these again, found out that it's been replaced with the new Z900, but i'm happy with my Z800. 

Sliders, I have gotten the engine slider, front fork slider, cotton reels and tail tidy. 

Just look at this monster!



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Thanks will do, lets hope I pass my test first time! Got a full day of training Sunday for Mod 1 then my Mod 1 test on Wednesday. 

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good luck with mods, you will be fine with a heavier bike, just take it easy.

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