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Joining a forum is rewarding and fun, its a community of like minded people with a common interest.

like any community, club or group on the 'Net' its good 'netiquette' to introduce yourself, this can be a simple "Hi' or better still a brief intro about 'you', this can include your first name or nickname, your bike/bikes, and where your from etc, its up to you what you put in your intro.

This is not an 'on-demand' garage, and it is considered rude to barge in with a "how do I fix this" type question on your first post, however there are a wide variety of members with knowledge and skill that are only too happy to help you out- its just good manners to say 'Hello' first wink.gif

Use the 'search' facility there's tons of info already on this forum and it might help with your question/problem,

there is also the option to PM (personal message) a member or a Moderator.

Stick around, you might learn something (might) smile.gif

'Start new topic' on the bottom right of this forum is the place to go welcome.gif

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