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  1. jrhendryx

    Meme challenge

    This. Right here. Beautiful. Now just fix it so that we can see his face. And win.
  2. I have a Yoshi exhaust, OES frame sliders, a 12v adapter under the seat, and created a manual fan bypass switch so that I can turn the fan on whenever I want, rather than only when it nears the redline.
  3. I bought mine back in February - I love it. You can pretty much guarantee avoiding any 2nd gear issues by putting in a Factory Pro shift kit. I'm on a forum dedicated just to the Cat, and I'd say about 5-7% of those guys have had 2nd go out on them. It seems to be killed by over-revved bad shifts, not some inherent defect in the gearbox. It loves to run above 6k, and requires some dedicated clutch work around town to keep things smooth. I like the mix of 600 zoom zoom sportiness, and the more upright position than an R6 without being a fully upright sports tourer.
  4. jrhendryx

    New project!

    Thanks! Wasn't sure if they were ape hangers for midgets, or cafe bars for a giant...
  5. jrhendryx

    New project!

    As if I didn't have enough to do between helping plan a wedding, a full class load this summer, preparing for next school year, grand jury service, etc., I decided that I needed to rescue my first motorcycle from my Granddad's barn. Here she is, I plan to restore her to most of her former glory - running, everything working (lights, speedo, BRAKES), and reliable so that it can be a learner bike for my little girl (eventually). The good news - it runs. The bad news - I wouldn't even let someone I hated ride it, because nobody deserves to be killed by a Honda Trail 70. Here she is, barn fresh and still smelling like horse crap. First step: Clean. Second Step, dismantle carburetor. We'll go from there.
  6. I popped back into this part of the forum (haven't been in much since selling my XS500) specifically to see this thread. Looking good Drewpy! Now we need a video of it running, maybe a speed pass?
  7. If it's anything like the 600r from the same years, the dogs on 2nd gear go bad from poor shifting (usually not being firm enough). Try applying light upward pressure to the shifter to preload it before you shift. It'll almost jump into gear then. On the 600r's that did this same thing, they'll pop out of gear long before 9k rpm if 2nd has gone bad. Good luck!
  8. On every trip that isn't just surface streets, yes I do. I've got just a pair of construction ones that knock out most of the highs and lows but keep the mid range sounds pretty clear. So at speed, I can't hear my exhaust note, but I can hear the top end of the engine spinning, which is wierd. I can still hear people speaking when I'm stopped, but the wind noise (the real culprit here) is cut down pretty much to just a dull hum at highway speed. I think I need to get a better fitting pair though, any ride over an hour and a half, and they start making my ear/jaw ache.
  9. A lot of 600r guys who use the pazzo knockoff ebay ones have mentioned that they require a little bit of adjustment to get them to fit right, and that until they do, there is either up and down slop on the control, or that they stick, but that other than having to make slight fit adjustments, they seem to hold up pretty well! They used these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/290581932928?ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1497.l2649#ht_8867wt_1045 Discussed them at length here (mods, if you'd rather not have this link here I get it, but I swear I'm not advertising and I've been a member here longer than at the link I'm posting) : http://www.yzf600r.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?f=24&t=66752&hilit=levers Good luck on your search!
  10. Roll the bike forward, checking every couple of inches of chain to look for kinks and tight spots. That's how I had to do it when I first bought my Cat and didn't have a rear stand to put it up on. Does the bump increase with frequency as speed increases? Does it seem to smooth out as speed increases, or does it get worse? How old are the tires? I've had a tire with a plug in it before where it developed a little high spot, and it felt like a little bump or tire hop at speeds below 35 mph, but wasn't as noticable as I sped up. A picture of the chain and sprockets would help.
  11. So, this is a 96, does that mean it's a fox-eye? I couldn't really tell from the pictures, but it kind of looks that way. If so, the guys at oldskoolyzf.com might be more help than the other one that I mentioned in my other post.... on that other thread..... I'm super specific.... Anyway, looks like an awesome project, I'd totally jump at the chance to grab an Ace as a project if I could get my hands on one!
  12. I was just looking at your Thunderace thread, and was going to mention a site that I spend a lot of time on: yzf600r.com. They've got a big forum board with people that own the 600 and 1000. A lot of them have gone with the r6 rear shock to improve handling. It requires a special adapter to mount the shorter r6 rear shock to the bigger 600r under-seat mount. These bikes are really set up from the factory for someone in the 130-170 lb range. At about 200, or 230 fully geared up, I'm well over the weight suggestion for this bike, and a lot of people who are my size have also added stiffer front springs and internals to the forks. I'm not sure if I'll go with RaceTech front springs or Progressive ones, but that's a discussion I'm preparing to have over on the other forum with those guys since so many of them have done it to their bikes. My bike is a second hand, poorly treated, beaten up workhorse, but I love it to death. Things I'd like to do to it include a factory pro shift kit to improve shifts and avoid the dreaded "2nd gear failure" that these bikes are prone to, a Corbin seat for those longer rides, some kind of hard luggage setup that doesn't involve cutting the plastics apart (there aren't any made specifically to fit the 600), and possibly a jet kit. Honestly though, it's pretty much stock and I don't have anything I feel like I absolutely have to get done to it. The only modification I've done since I purchased it was to install a radiator fan bypass that allows me to turn the fan on whenever I like. It was pretty simple, and helps keep the bike running much cooler when I get stuck in traffic. Oh, I also went down a tooth on the front sprocket to make it a little bit sportier in town. Stock gearing is 15/47, and I went with a 14/47 (JT sprockets and 108 link EK o-ring chain).
  13. I had sticky floats that caused this to happen. Leaving the petcock open would make it pour out the overflow. When it was warm, if I had it too full it would push past the cap gasket and pour out onto the tank (which is why mine looked like shit). But after I tore the carbs apart and made sure everything was clean and moving freely, it worked perfectly. Clean them out for starters, and see where it goes from there.
  14. Jesus man, what Voodoo priestess did you piss off? Hopefully it's something you can get sorted out easily.
  15. I always ran my '75 XS500 on reguar (87 octane) that was a 10% ethanol blend. I'd toss a little seafood in there every other fill-up, and never really noticed a major difference. I did the same thing on my '03 YZF600R up until yesterday. Happened to be running low coming back in from a ride and pulled into a country store that had clear premium (92, no ethanol). It was nearly a dollar more per gallon, but I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm not sure if I'm just imagining it, but at idle it feels like the engine runs a little more smoothly. Under throttle I didnt notice a huge difference, but I'm going to run a couple more tanks through and watch my mileage, etc.
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