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  1. Does anyone know if its possible to strip the standard rear shock on a 2005 R1. I would like to change the spring for a different rate.
  2. Anyone else get this...........I don't ride in the wet, headlights are always on and yet I still get condensation in the lower corners of the headlights, even after returning from a 150 mile ride on Easter Monday when the outside temp was about 13 degrees! Do I have grounds for a warranty claim or is it normal
  3. My R1 has 240 miles on it and I,ve noticed the clutch rattles. It is barely noticeable at tickover, as you start to pull in the lever, it gets a bit louder and then at half clutch lever travel it stops. I am running it in nice and carefully, the clutch doesn't slip...do I need to worry. I will mention it to the mechanic when it has its 600 mile service, but my previous R1 (2002 F.I model) didn't have the noise.
  4. Hi, I have an new R1 and due to a recent left wrist injury, I find that after a few miles my wrist becomes painful. I have looked at variable ratio levers, but they are expensive, but one adea was to use the clutch actuating arm (the one by the gearbox casing) from a TDM 850 as it is longer. Could someone who owns an 850 possibly measure the length for me, because if it is longer, then the clutch will be easier to operate. Cheers in advance....................
  5. You know that stuff you drain out of your engine every couple of thousand miles......try that. Not only does it lube your chain, if it does fling off, its easier to clean up as it doesn't go rock hard like wax, and a bit of recycling aint a bad thing. I,ve used old engine oil for ages. You do have to lube more often, but its cheaper than the fancy waxes. Good quality gear oil is an alternative too.
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