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  1. gateway

    xs 400se

    hi the plates are ok and there is a mushroom head at the end of the rod that pushes againts the metel plate were the springs bolt on to that puches againts the clutch plates
  2. gateway

    xs 400se

    hi the clutch cable is at the right lengh i have put a screwdriver in were the little piston that comes out when i pull on the clutch and it comes out about a inch but when i put it all bact together it does not do anything i am wondering if it could be the springs as when i first took it apart the plate was not in the groves and the person who put the new clutch plates in did not see what he done and compressed the springs to much i have ordered new springs
  3. gateway

    xs 400se

    hi the ballberaring is in the end of the clutch leaver on the right handside of the engine and it pushes the rod through to the clutch plates as i have put a screwdriver in there and when i pull the clutch cable handle in it puches the screwdriver out about a inch
  4. gateway

    xs 400se

    i am redoing a yamaha xs400 1980 the problum i have is the clutch does not in gage when the the cluch handley is pulled in to change gear i have renewed the clutch plates and still does it does any one have any ideas what else it could be thanks les
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