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  1. The Tall Guy

    bike alrams

    The updated version is much better, and doesn't cost a lot new... http://www.motorbikealarm.co.uk/buy_now.html I've got one myself and it's proven A1 so far. Alarm, immobiliser, remote start (which I can't ever see myself using) & anti hijack for that price is unbeatable. Keep the fob in your pocket (you need too for the anti hijack) and water resistance isn't an issue.
  2. The British government... Leg protectors that tear you in half in an impact. All day headlamps that increase your chances of a T bone. Smooth steel surveyors studs on corners - lovely in the wet. Jump through hoops motorcycle licencing system, with power graduations for young riders, but no such reciprocation for car drivers. All this, and more, has been considered or implemented by the jokers that govern us.
  3. The Tall Guy

    new rider

    Show how observent I am, what with the username and all
  4. It's an age old phenomenon, dating back to the late 50's when bike manufacturers (such as BSA) started fiting knobbly tyres to road bikes and routing the zorst up by the side of the seat/mudguard. Especially bad for stroker riders.
  5. The Tall Guy

    new rider

    Sorry dude, no intention do bullying or anything - it's my opinion, and a reportage of the way the UK market received the model, and I never claimed it to be anything else, so don't have an aneurysm. If it floats your boat, then fine.
  6. The Tall Guy

    new rider

    I like the sales blurb for the mini Ninja (Minja?)... "Smallest Ninja handles better than most superbikes". Most superbikes made before WWII maybe. It was a shockingly dull, if harmless bike, that was so lacking in any particular area that it was pulled from sale after only a year or so over here. It's like the small car of motorcycling - it'll get you around with no thought, but won't set your pants on fire with excitement, and that is, after all, the whole point of motorcycling (unless you're a tight fisted old timer with no car licence).
  7. Yup - Fazer more upright, less weight on the wrists, comfier seat, same brakes, same engine but with the power delivery re jigged for more flexibility (how may times do you really need to redline in traffic, or when chugging to work?), the potential for a bit of luggage capacity, the availability of a nose fairing that actually diverts some of the elements, the same brakes, yadda yadda yadda... The R6 is undoubtebdly capable of going quicker, but by god you earn the privelege. For real world use where it rains, and roundabouts are greasy, the Fazer is a more comfortable, easier to handle choice. Shame the very latest one is being slated mercilleslly as a backward step over the previous Thundercat engined model.
  8. Bridgestone BT015(?). Generally regarded as the best available sport tyre to fit the 18 inch rear hoop on my Fizzer 600.
  9. The Tall Guy

    new rider

    Despite what everyone, from your mum to the government, tell you, there is no correlation between a bikes performance and your likelyhood of coming a cropper on one. That said, you're wise to apply a bit of thought to the problem. I went straight from a 125 (after less than 2 months riding) to a Gixxer 11 and lived to tell the tale, although there was a very Darwinian process of adjustment, which I was fortunate enough to survive. Leaping straight onto an R1 is sure gonna be exciting - any mistakes you make will sure happen mighty damn quick on one of those. Conversely, a swift clean overtaking maneuver on a 1000 EXUP will be a lot easier, swifter, more decisive and safer than the same maneuver on a TZR250. There is a middle ground, but the current R6 is perhaps not it. The very latest versions are very peaky in their power delivery, and even experienced riders find this a bit tiresome, although the track boys can't get enough of them. Hovever, the early R6s can be had quite cheaply and are less likely to spring any nasty surprises on you and come with a pleasantly flexible mid range with no nasty abrupt powerband. Best of all, it won't raid your wallet like a big bike, yet it'll still have enough performance that it'll keep you interested as your experience grows. Be sensible though - even a 50 mph head on is gonna kill you regardless of the bike between your legs, so take it easy until your fully au fait. Good luck.
  10. The Tall Guy


    You could troll ebay, as a lot of stuff like that goes cheap on there. Alternatively, you could leave it as husty standard and not be an irritating plonker like the R1/Gixxer pilots that treat the road through my village like Santa Pod.
  11. The Tall Guy


    Perhaps you shoukld've bought an R1 to begin with?
  12. In the UK, my FZR is great fun and a good handler, but it is very hard work. Knees round my ears, wrists at an un natural angle, bum feeling like a bricks been inserted up it... Great for really going for it, but uncomfortable, awkward, a handful in traffic, and a general pain for the 95% of the timeyou want to ride normally, such as when just going to work etc. The fazer, on t'other hand, is the opposite. Comfier, less stressed, similar engine performance (there really isn't a huge ammount in it), but the extra weight and slacker geometry compromise the perfromance at the edge of the envelope. A pain on the track, but great for 95% of every day use. Horses for courses, as they say.
  13. What are recomended tyre pressures for an FZR600 with a 16 stone rider, for normal all round use? Cheers.
  14. The Tall Guy


    Greetings, I'm returning to biking for occasional commuting and leisure use after a 12 year lay off. I've just bought a 1991 FZR600, which should be quick enough to make me smile, but not so mental it'll kick me in the nuts. No one piece leathers on bananas helmet designs - don't wanna look like a power ranger, just want to enjoy he bike quietly. Sweet. Just thought i'd say hi to y'all.
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