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  1. I am renovating a '77 DT250MX which was one of just 450 specials supplied to the Danish army. It has uprated front forks and an extended fuel tank as you can see from the picture. I have been able to source most parts that I need but two items are yet to be found, namely a complete exhaust system and the side cover for the airbox which when it is available is at an astronomical price due probably to their scarcity. So I have decided to try and make one. I have the air filter end cover which is held onto the airbox with 3 screws but what I need is a clear picture showing how the outer cover is attached to this inner cover. It looks as if it was with some sort of rubber hinge but I would like to have details of this. So if anyone can take pictures and either post or send to me direct it would be greatly appreciated. Here is a picture of my bike as is and another of how I hope it will look when finished
  2. Aviator

    '77 dt250mx

    WANTED!!! Does anyone know where I can get a complete exhaust system for this bike? I have been told that PS Tuning in Holland can make one but I am unable to get any response from them by phone or email. Secondly I need the airbox and tool cover for this bike Any help or leads would be greatly appreciated
  3. Does anyone know where I can get a complete exhaust system for my 1977 DT250MX?
  4. Would anyone know of a source or manufacturer of a complete replacement exhaust system made to original shape for a 1977 DT250MX??
  5. Well Zohan, did you ever find a source of an exhaust system for your DT250MX?? I have a '77 ex Danish army model and I need the complete exhaust for my project. I don't even have a pattern except a stainless pipe that someone made for it sometime. I want to restore to original so I have to find one somewhere. Regards, Michael (English but in Poland)
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