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  1. You are amazing! Great call, I went to take a look at the carbs right after you suggested they might be the culprits. I found evidence of leaking or something not right around the float gasket on carb #2 and realized that what the small amount of liquid I witnessed coming out of the airbox after dropping must have been gas leaking backwards into the air filter and box from the carb which would explain why I can't get it started now and maybe why it flooded. Also noticed that one of the vacuum lines to the petcocks was kinked in a bracket which might help explain my idling problems. Anyways, al
  2. So I recently got this beautiful 750, was running great for like a week. I took it on a short spin and it died while I was out. I figured it ran out of gas (tank was super super low) so I put some more in it and then started it up. It started but idled extremely low and would die unless i gave it throttle. When i gave it throttle it revved like it should, but when i rolled off the throttle it would hover for a second and then race up 700-1500 rpms before settling down very low and then dying. I let it sit for a day or two and now it just won't start. Was making a loud pop without starting so I
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