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  1. So I recently discovered that the tube style main fuse on the stock fuse box on my 750 was faulty. One of the terminals cracked from corrosion and the other had melted the plastic holding it onto the box. The result was no start. After figiting with it it would start, but the problem got worse and eventually i couldn't get it to stay in with the vibrations from the engine knocking it loose each time. Today I bypassed the old fuse with a new atc mini 20amp fuse using butt end crimp style connectors. Worked fine, until the bike faltered and then died. I was able to get it running intermittently. I would get a couple blocks and then it would die again. So I took it home and popped the seat up. My theory is that the fuse is grounding out on the bottom of the seat, but also when i tap the fuse the engine lights and everything else that indicates the main is working flicker if i tap it hard enough. Is this because my connections aren't solid enough? Or because its not well enough insulated and grounding out? I'm trying to avoid completely replacing the stock fuse box, but not sure how to proceed.
  2. You are amazing! Great call, I went to take a look at the carbs right after you suggested they might be the culprits. I found evidence of leaking or something not right around the float gasket on carb #2 and realized that what the small amount of liquid I witnessed coming out of the airbox after dropping must have been gas leaking backwards into the air filter and box from the carb which would explain why I can't get it started now and maybe why it flooded. Also noticed that one of the vacuum lines to the petcocks was kinked in a bracket which might help explain my idling problems. Anyways, all of this is grand speculation. I'm finally back in town and can start trying to fix this now. I'll let you know how things go. Thank you again!
  3. So I recently got this beautiful 750, was running great for like a week. I took it on a short spin and it died while I was out. I figured it ran out of gas (tank was super super low) so I put some more in it and then started it up. It started but idled extremely low and would die unless i gave it throttle. When i gave it throttle it revved like it should, but when i rolled off the throttle it would hover for a second and then race up 700-1500 rpms before settling down very low and then dying. I let it sit for a day or two and now it just won't start. Was making a loud pop without starting so I figured it was flooded. I popped the plugs out and turned it over a bunch of times to clear it out then let it sit. Then I popped them back in (after testing for spark) and tried again, to no avail. I've got good compression and the carbs are filling as they should. I have the battery on a battery tender so I know it's fully charged. I can't for the life of me figure out what changed and why it won't start. Any advice would be amazing.
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