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  1. Hi All The old girl is making noises, not the ones we want. My 1989 DT 175 exhaust is splitting in the first part of the seam, we have welded it up but experience tells me it will be a recurring job once we get to thgis stage. My question is are there any reasonably priced replacement expansion chambers available for the DT. I commute on her and my son has just got his license on it so she does get some miles. Thanks from Australia Brett PS thge 12v conversion has been faultless. 3000k so for good spark and good light.
  2. Thanks NEO We are now running and offf for a blue slip tomorrow morning. Does your bike have AC or DC to the headlamp? Mine has AC still but a 12volt H4 55/60 watt lamp is working. I have made other little changes on the way such as a DRL/LED blinker setup, LED instrument lights. The telltale on the blinkers needed to come out, will modify that light socket once we get rego sorted. The old girl lives again. Good Riding Brett
  3. Hi Again NEO Lets see what we can make of this, whether I have followed the instructions correctly. The wiring diagram that I have is for a 1990 DT175. available from (removed- Cynic) The 89 manual does not have a wiring diagram. Pages 10-1 and 10-2 are the diagram. I have taken the red and white wires from item 6 Rectifier to the rectifier side of the C90 rec reg, and the yellow with white trace from item 14 Regulator to tye regulator pin then the fourth pin to earth. your instruction say the yellow wire so should that be the yellow wire coming from magneto item 17? If so wht happens to the yellow white wire that goes to the old reg? Thanks for your assistance Brett
  4. Thanks for getting back to me NEO. Just checking that i have followed the instructions, you are only connecting one wire to each terminal on the rectifier regualor? I cant find an actual wiring diagram for this bike. but looking at others close to it there is either "control unit" or a relay that keeps the headlamp off until the engine is running. that would appear that the headlamp is never part of the rest of the bike, so i will either need to bring the yellow headlamp wire into the reg rec. Does that sound right? Good riding Brett
  5. Hi guys Thank NEO the information is GREAT. I am part way through the conversion. My bike is 89 model, so in Australia it was only another year before they were 12volt anyway, the key only has Lock, off and on positions. the headlight only came on with the engine running in 6volt form, but the taillamp did light up with engine not running. I have the bike running, it seems to start aersier on 12volt than it did on 6volt, possibly more stable spark, voltage is good even at low revs. The problem i have is that i have 0volts at the headlamp connector. what have i missed? Good Riding Brett I have just rechecked the headlight I have 6.4volts AC at idle.
  6. Hi guys I have just joined up. I saw NEO's post on 12volt conversion for DT175. I am currently doing that conversion. Come up to a problem with the headlight, more on that later. I will be using the bike mainly as a commuter, with some dirt roads, not much of road. I live outside Sydney. Have been riding for many years not much in the last 20 though and a mate offered me the bike, so I am getting back into it. Good Riding Brett
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