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  1. Just a quick question on the autolube adjustments. I've seen some people say that Yamaha gives a spec as to how much oil should come out with 200 strokes. I can't find the actual spec for my model. Both Haynes and Cylmer manuals dont give that info. I found one forum saing about 5cc/ml per 200 strokes open throttle for a later mx model. Anyone know the specs for my model? Thanks!
  2. Usually people think I'm need after Axel Rose next time I'm riding down the highway I'll have a theme song ?
  3. Guten Tag Thanks for the advice. Is there a good resource you know to calculate how many windings I need to get 12 volts and what gauge would be best suited? If I understand it I have to double the amount of windings ro get double the voltage and have to find a gauge that will still fit. Thanks! Thanks! Why do you have the Beverly Hills cop theme song stuck in your head. I must be missing some reference ? Thanks I'll have to go check that out. If this project works out I'll poster the results and how I got there.
  4. Ok I cant find anything by isbn but judging by the bike on the cover and the Picture NEO posted and the fact that this one is to 1985 and not 1980 this should be it: Ebay.com
  5. Just to confirm. This is the manual you are suggesting?: https://m.ebay.com/itm/1970-1971-1972-1977-1978-1979-1980-YAMAHA-TRAIL-BIKE-MOTORCYCLE-REPAIR-MANUAL-/162663320389?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10&_mwBanner=1&_rdt=1
  6. Thanks for the fast reply. I took your advice and introduced myself in the new members forum. I don't remember seeing something like that resistor on my bike but I'll check for it next time. I guess I'll have to get my hands on a Haynes manual for the diagrams. I have a clymer manual but when it comes to the electrical system it's not much help. And most of the diagrams I find online are for bikes with multi stage key switches. Mine only has two stages (on and off) I know this guide is for a different bike but this is the best right up I've found for a bike that is at least similar to mine so I hope I can reverse engineer it to work with the dt175. The first problem I ran into was the new battery not fitting in the tray attached to the oil tank. A little bit of work to the tray made it fit though.
  7. Hey I'm Axel. I'm originally from Germany and moved here a few years ago. I'm a hobby mechanic but I am starting college classes for mechanical engineering so hopefully my mechanical skills will improve. My current choice for tinkering is a 1975 DT175. This was my budget but but it's been a good get around town bike. It has an aftermarket clark tank and the seat is torn up so I decided I'd start changing it to my liking. Other than cosmetic upgrades I am trying to work on the electrical system (6V ro 12v) to allow other aftermarket parts to work with it. Any tips are welcome!! When it comes to carbureted bikes my greatest weakness is tuning them. Where I live I'm usually between 4k and 6k feet in elevation so the stock netting is a no go and the difference between summer and winter temps is high. I've only been at it for about a year so hopefully I'll catch on. Although as part of the 12v upgrade I plan to cheat and install an AFR gauge and sensor. As I use that to tune I might learn better what the symptoms are because I'll have a visual real time aid. Anyway long story short, although I've worked a lot on an 80s fuel injected car I'm a newbie to carbs and bikes. Ask away with any questions
  8. Hey NEO. This may have already been asked but for the life of me I can't find a voltage regulator on my 1975 dt175. I've checked on the air box and everywhere. If i can't find it which wire coming from the magneto should I wire to the regulator pin on the regulator/rectifier? The battery tray needed a little modification to fit the new 12v battery aka a little love and force but other than that so far so good.
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