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  1. Whats up guys. I know its been a while but i was finally able to sort out the starting problem i had. It turns out that it wasnt compressing right because one of the rings on the pistons was cracked. So i changed all the rings to be 100% sure and wala! The bike runs like a champ now. Thanks for all the help!
  2. Hey whats up bro! Im a new member as well
  3. Thanks guys for all the help! Ill try the burshes idea and see what happens.... Dude dont be a dick is not that is not urgent i didnt even know i was logged off. I posted in a couple of places and this was the only one they answered me at so i am thank full for the help. I just need to wait for the 10th to get paid and see what i can do... Stuff aint cheap bro one EUR of yours is 30 of mine... Any who when i get paid ill try this and let you guys know... Thanks again!
  4. Hey guys how are all of you doing. I was hoping some of you could advice me on this matter. I got a 1999 virago 125cc. The starter wont start the bike It wont even make a noise nothing. I have to hit second gear and run with the bike to get it to turn on. After it turns on everything works geart and when it gets hot enough the starter will work just fine... I changed the battery spark plugs cleaned out the carburetor and i even took a part the starter from the handel bars apart and cleaned it. Nothing is working and i reallly dont know what else to do here. Any ideas would be greatly ap
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