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  1. Ok, so this is a long shot, seeing as how rare BT1100's seem to be in our fair land, but, mine has developed a rather annoying fault and I wondered if anyone else has experienced anything similar. As I'm riding, especially as I accelerate, the oil and fuel warning lights come on briefly followed by the pre-start needle sweep of the speedo and tacho. There's no effect on the engine or lights, everything seems to be fine, I've checked oil levels etc, spot on......! What's going on? My old faithful seems to be possessed by evil electrical demons, maybe an exorcism will sort it, but more likely a component replacement, if only I knew where to look.
  2. Mate, being strung up by the balls isn't punishment enough for stealing your pride & joy - bunch of bastards. At least you're going to end up with a classy little bike. Good luck with the rebuild.
  3. I know this is an old post, but I just joined so thought I'd throw in my twopence worth. Had my BT since 2011, I fitted Dunlop Sportsmax Roadsmart, I ride all year round, wet & dry and they've handled everything. Me and Bridgestones do NOT get along...., so personally, I'd avoid those like the plague.
  4. Ok, so that sounds a bit like an intro someone might use in a group therapy session! Fact is, I'm not ashamed to be a Bulldog owner, it's a great bike - seriously, I mean it... I've been a biker since 1977, I've owned many bikes from British vintage models (still do), Honda's, Ducati, Yamaha, modern Triumph and Moto Guzzi, and I have to say, the BT is probably the easiest one to get along with out of all of them. it's a well documented fact that the Bulldog is a plodder wrapped in go-faster styling with brakes that, well, brake really! The fact is though, every single ounce of power can be used without worrying that you're going to flip yourself (or your pillion) off, or lose your licence.Yes, there's only 65 horses in there, but they arrive pretty much from the off, and pull right through the rev range The handling's solid, I'm certainly no Ron Haslam, but you'll find no chicken strips on my tyres! and no, I haven't been thrown off by grounding the down pipe tucking into a right hand bend, contrary to popular belief! When I go out on the Griso, and my arms are in danger of being pulled out of the sockets, I find myself missing that relaxing feeling I get from the old faithful BT. So there it is, out in the open, I ride a Bulldog (and a Griso)!
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