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  1. Hi All - can anyone recommend a trustworthy mechanic in Brighton? Newly back to bikes and don't know where to start looking for repairs to my newly acquired but somewhat poorly '97 Virago 535 Ta! Scardo
  2. OK so it doesn't look like the diaphragms - now I notice that it's only firing on one cylinder - trouble is, that might be because I didn't put the diaphragm back in properly, or it may have always been doing that - why didn't I check the exhaust pipes with my hand before I started fiddling? Why indeed, and this is why I should stay well clear of DIY bike repairs. On a lighter and perhaps more useful note, Halfords are selling a 58 piece Ratchet screwdriver set including Torx bits for 15 quid, reduced at the moment. Oh well, off to the £50 an hour garage it goes any recommendations for Brighton based mechanics? Cheers Scardo
  3. New to this forum - singer songwriter from Brighton UK, biking since 1981. That's it folks! For anyone who's in the market, Halfords are doing a 58 piece Ratchet screwdriver set which includes Torx bits and hex nuts and all the usual cross-head flathead for a paltry 15 quid, I just bought one to look at the diaphragms.
  4. Thanks Slice and appreciate the fast response, yep, thanks and will get to the new members bit - found the tool, it was just that the online picture from Halfords did not show the tool properly I think, so a visit to the store sorted it. Now to risk springing that diaphragm...... Not a great one for social media and the like, but I will put some info up! Scardo
  5. I know this is a very old post but if anyone's still active on this subject....! Just bought a '97 Virago 535, having previously owned a Triumph Trophy 900 it took me a motorway trip to realise that this machine is very underpowered, and Googling to find this thread makes me suspect the diaphragms. Before I spend 60 quid just getting that confirmed, can anyone point me in the direction of the Torx tool that'll fit this? As far as I can see it needs to have an indentation in the head and the Halfords ones mentioned here do not as far as I can tell. In other words there seems to be a piece sticking up in the centre of the starred bolt. First Yamaha since my RD250LC in 1980 something....! Cheers Scardo
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