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  1. I think you could well be right about that hence to 500+ quid the mechanic wanted to sort the problem out. i have managed to arrange other means of transport now so i can take a little time to resolve this without rushing it and wasting too much money on it. Thanks for your input, anything that helps to lead to a solution is greatly appreciated. G
  2. R4 I have not gotten a second opinion as yet purely for financial reasons as whoever looks at it next is going to want £45-£50+VAT to even look at it so for now i have no option but to leave it and do a bit of overtime at work then put it in next payday kinda makes me wish i'd paid attention in my youth lol. Any ideas on this problem? i'm starting to think carbon build up may be the cause, i've looked about the web quite a bit and it does seem to be a recurring theme in loss of compression and power.
  3. I'd like to offer my thanks for all the advice given on this question, and apologise for not replying sooner (seems like my month for technical problems as my pc went awol on me) i spent 3 days going over the bike including taking the carbs out stripping them and giving them a good clean, i replaced them and found the problem still existed so last weekend i put my bike in for repair and the mechanic has told me that it is slightly low on compression (he said it is showing 120psi and should be 140psi) he now wants me to "throw loads of money at it" to get it running properly which i'm not prepared to do without a second opinion so unfortunately the news is not good at the moment
  4. hi guys, well both of the pipes and cylinders are hot throughout the ride so it's obviously not a cylinder prob, i noticed last night that it is now happening at all speeds! it has been suggested that it may be a fuel supply prob so i guess i'll have to go the the fuel system and give it a damn good clean. so thanks for your advice. i'll return with some good news after this weekend (hopefully lol) thanks once again. Gary
  5. and thanks to you too yoda i will check the pipes tonight then go through the rest at the weekend
  6. Thanks Live, i've already done that and both are hot so that helps me loads
  7. Hi all today is the first time i've posted though i joined in feb so i thought i was only right to say hello
  8. Hi all, I am having a problem with my 93' 535 and am completely hopeless when it comes to fault diagnosis so i wondered if anyone out there could help? Last night while riding home i seemed to lose power, when trying to get to 70/75 mph the bike would not go over 65 (usually no problem reaching 85/90 ) thinking back it did seem a bit sluggish during the earlier part of my journey but not enough to cause me any concern, I gave it another try this morning and managed to get to 70 after some trying, but when it got there I still had a third of the throttle left so i opened it up and took it to fully open without any change of speed at all and not much change in engine noise. I haven't checked the usual things like plugs carbs etc due to time constraints so i just wondered if any suggestion were on offer as to possible causes? Am i running on one cylinder or is it something more simple than that? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Gary First ever post on here, love the club and the people here seem really cool (cept that carzy arsed harley dood)
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