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  1. I've just bought a MR50 imported by Motorcycle Giant. It is registered 1-1-2015 but is a 1980 model from Japan. The closest model to it that I can work out is the DT50M. Based upon the definition above that would make it a grey import. As such is my son going to be able to get insurance on it when he turns 16?
  2. In need of some guidance please. I've just joined this forum having recently purchased a 1980 registered MR50 (DT50M) import from Japan for my 15 yr old son to restore and make ready for him to ride. This is my first Yamaha in 34 years of riding bikes and my first import. Finding the right bits is proving to be a challenge. The MR50 appears to be very similar to the DT50M. (well I think so.) Can someone advise whether MR50 parts are available in the UK or is it case of order what appears to be right based on pictures of DT 50 M and MX parts. In particular the airbox assembly seems as though it may be unique to the MR. Is this the case? Are there any other parts that are MR only? Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance.
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