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  1. Oh no its a great bike don't get me wrong I love it well the little riding I have been able to do! Yes I got it from a dealer and I did expect to loose money on it it was just the amount of money it has dropped in such a short period of time. Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  2. Well it looks like I was charged well over the odds for my bike! I came to try and sell it and I was expecting to take a bit of a loss maybe £1000 after having owned the bike for about 9 months but no! In fact the value of it is less than half of what I paid for it, £2200 so I would be losing £2600 in 9 months for a bike that was second hand when I bought it! Looks like I will just have to keep it now. Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  3. Hello everyone, I forgot to introduce myself so here I am at last! I am a 28 year old driver I have only just past my test in November of 2014 and finally got my bike in may. It is a lovely yamaha xj6 diversion s on a 2010 plate with heated grips and crash bungs. I am hoping to improve my riding as at the minute as you can guess I am rubbish. Hopefully see you on the road, ride safe Matt Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
  4. I just got my xj6 diversion and I had the same experience on my first ride out on it. The only thing different is I hadn't ridden a bike in 6 months before so I was shitting myself as I went down my patents very steep drive (as they delivered my bike to the wrong address, sucks to be them as they went 100 miles to far) but after 20 minutes or so and I was fine. Ride safe Sent from my D6503 using Tapatalk
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