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  1. Hi Guys I'm after peoples opinions if you don't mind... I am having an issue at the moment with my XVS950. It starts up fine on a morning and when its been stood for a while and is cold. The problem comes when you ride it for an extended period (say half an hour), the bike wont start back up until its totally cooled off... It's happened twice recently and both times after a 30 minute ride...it gets 10 minute rides everyday twice a day and there is no issue...starts every time but ride it for 30 minutes and it struggles to start back up if you don't leave it for at least an hour... The people I've spoken to think its the starter motor....like its over heating or something....but I wanted to get some more opinions before I go out and buy a new starter motor... Any Ideas?
  2. Thanks Guys. Welding is somewhat out of my skill range at the moment...lol I'll have a look at the Easy Out bolt extractors as you suggest. If I do end up having to drill, can they be rethreaded with a tap and die set?
  3. Hi Guys Relatively new to the forum and VERY new to working on my bike...but trying to learn... So I was trying to remove my exhaust over the weekend to spray it (Matt Black).... The issue is that the bolts are well and truly rusted tight.... I sprayed them with WD40 and left them for about 20 mins for it to penetrate....then tried to remove the bolts... All you experienced guys know what's coming next no doubt.... One bolt snapped.....the other rounded....Grrrrrrr Soooooooooo.......what do I do? I am assuming I will need to drill the snapped one and cut and drill the rounded one but wont drilling wreck the inside thread that the bolts screw into? Do I have to rethread it? Thanks in advance guys....
  4. Cheers neversaydie....I'll try these suggestions...
  5. Thanks Drewpy....I will see if I can get hold of that one then m8...
  6. Thanks Tommy I'll invest in the manual then....
  7. rHi Guys So I'm wanting to start working on my XVS950 myself instead of paying someone else to do it.... Whats the best way to start learning? I've seen the Clymer Service & Repair Manual but is this any good? Would it help a total noob get started and be able to do things like replacing brake discs etc..? Any help would be appreciated.
  8. Hi guys I own an XVS 950 and it has a worrying knocking sound coming from behind the sprocket cover when you push the bike forward? It doesn't seem to do it when riding (or at least I cant hear it)...just when pushing the bike? Any Ideas? The drive belt is VERY tight....is this normal? There is very little to no play in the belt when the bike is stood...
  9. Thanks Taskmaster. I guessed this might be the case after looking at the way the rear seat was fixed. I like Slice's idea of sticking a pad on the "mudguard" (apologies for my grammatical error....lol). none of my trips with passengers are particularly long so it shouldn't be an issue tbh. now to source the springer seat.....
  10. Lallasro - The springer seats general come with a cover for over the battery/fuse box area so getting "shit" all over them shouldn't be an issue. Slice - Would the rear fender be strong enough to support a person weight?
  11. Hi All I would love to put springer style seating on my Midnight star (XVS950a) but need to keep two seats as I regularly carry passengers. Does anyone know if you can put a springer style seat on the rear? If so, how? Cheers Marc
  12. I'm new to the forum but have had my XVS950a for just coming up to a year. I love the bike but ultimately is was a 2nd choice, once I decided I couldn't afford a Harley Davidson Fat boy. I'm just getting to the stage where I want to start customising the bike now and have joined the forum to seek advice and general chat about customisation options... Look forward to speaking to you all. Marc
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