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  1. hi guys I,m back after a bit of an absence , not absinth ! had to do my test again due to the dvla having lost some of my licence details , ah well , all done and 600 spondulies lighter. any how , my old yam pre divvy xj600 1989 , is playing up , and I,m great at pulling things to bits and stickin em back together but when it comes to intermitant stuff ?????? so can you please help......bike fires up great , 1st time every time I get her out , she rattles a bit from the clutch but basically runs great. pulls like a train and no smoke. shes done 30000 mile but ive restored her to a certain extent. now , heres the difficult bit...if I do roughly 15 mile or so or slightly less if ridden hard she starts miss firing and then runs on 3 cylinders , 2 cylinders if I try to go further. let it cool down for half an hour and shes back on 4. if I really open her up , 7-8,000 revs it seems to briefly hit on four cylinders again but briefly. now , I love the old girl , shes ugly but great fun ....we all know one of them eh ? I just want her running right again , surely cant be much , I was thinking coil , electronic ign box ? any ideas lads I,m desperate here. how do you test these items if it is them , please can you help . cheers Richie. ps , I know this is a yam site but any one needs help with a brit bike. I,m availlable
  2. sorry for the very late reply bud , I had difficulty removing it but when I cleaned it up it was ok , the lincage was stiff , greased it up , all is ok. clutch bearing was replaced and ive got a second hand clutch to go in. 2nd one now. Has any one got a schematic of a pre divvy clutch please ? I,m struggling to find one.
  3. Has anyone got a schematic for the clutch assembly?
  4. thanks for the offer pal , might just be a bit chilly for me this time of year ! did you read my project report ? How you getting on , have you done any more to the bike ?
  5. my project is .... 1989 xj 600 with all the glam of Spandau ballet. complete with pics
  6. Hi pal , ive just finished doing up a free xj 600 , and it looks lovely.....see my pics. Had the same problem with my carbs , leaking like hell , seems when I stripped em , the tank had rusted and the rust and shit was stuck in the float needle , so I cleaned em , blasted em with compressed air and put them back together . I put fuel from a container via some hose into the carbs before fitting to see if they still leaked , they didn't so happy days. They are a bit of a bugger to fit , make sure you lube the rubbers to aid fitment. I also fitted an in line filter . But you have to run the line under the carbs , then that's where the filter sits out the way , and then up to the carb inlet. Gravity feeds the fuel. If you try to fit the filter by the tank it will starve of fuel. I,d disconnect the shock from the swinging arm assembly before ordering a shock cos my swing arm was seized , I freed it off and re greased and now its ok. Let me know if you have any more problems and I,ll try to help.....I,m now a dab hand on yammy xj clutches as well ! The lads on here are great , I got loads of help from here. enjoy the job , and take your time , its worth the wait , they are a great old bike when they are done right. Reasonable handling and great brakes for the year. Richie D
  7. didn't think that bearing noise was normal , I think I asked that question hoping that some one may have replied with " yeh they all do that " well I,m not stripping the engine this year to do that , it can wait till the winter. And I,ll get a dog to blast about on. so where is squires then drewpy ?
  8. Dear all , the clutch basket has still not arrived from the breakers , so little progress has been made. and summer is two thirds of the way through , although I have aquired a 6mm hardened dowel which I will use when the basket arrives , I milled the slot in the drive cog out to 6.05mm and will ream out the basket accordingly , I phoned the Yamaha technical help line last week and they were pretty much clueless , which didn't instill confidence , they said they,d get back to me , which they couldn't be ar$%d to do. Makes you think , doesn't it ? any how whilst my xj is in bits I noticed a little play in the bearing on the drive shaft , the one the clutch sits on , and it is a little noisy when rotated by hand , before I spend any more money , is this normal or not ? many thanks guys....look forward to your replies ps are there any rallies etc in the north west in the coming week ?
  9. as above post , ive got a pre divvy one of a 1990 xj 600 , thanks all the same paul , your help is always appreciated , as always
  10. cheers drewpy , I did read your blog 1st time round , but I,m still not sure whats supposed to be going on cos the pin does not look worn and the receiving hole / slot in the basket and gear respectively don't look worn either , isn there supposed to be play in the gear or should it be an interferrance fit
  11. all sorted , some breakers on tinterweb called " paul woods motorcycles " had a pre divvy one for £20 Happy days eh ?
  12. not sure of the model no. paul , its a second hand one from the heart breakers. sorry for the double post. the old alseimers playing up again and the poor spolling
  13. that's great thanks paul. I,ll order one of them. would you bother replacing the basket for one fork tip snapped off ? ive found one on e bay but its off a 92 divvy , it looks identical , will it fit though ?
  14. nice one paul , ive ordered them ive also found a basket from an early diversion and it looks identical to mine . are they the same ? and ...... would you go to the expense of replacing the basket just for one broken fork tip. ?
  15. that's great thanks airhead. I,m not comfortable calling you airhead though !
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