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  1. That was one of my main concerns, but i am only talking about taking the pea shooter out and most of the people i have spoke to say it should be fine. sorry i should have already mentioned that fact.
  2. Hey you have just given me an idea mate, do you know where i could get a full set of pipes from ? That would save me fecking about.
  3. Cheers for the replies gents, I think i will just take out the baffles and see from there, as i said it does sound a lot better since drilling the holes so with the baffles out i should be happy enough.
  4. Yeah i new what you meant mate, i was being sarky they have suggested taking the baffles out, so thats what i`ll do me thinks. I have already drilled first 4 then 6 holes in each pipe, and it does sound a lot better. So i think i will go the whole hog and gut em. EDIT: BLIND
  5. Already done that my mate, what i need is one of them metal hole saws and i can get it done then. Hey thinking about it you are a neighbour generally speaking, so come on i am all ears.
  6. Cheers, That may be an idea. The other thing i was thinking was just de-baffle the existing pipes (any thoughts would be welcome) I am just after a better sound.
  7. Hi good people, I have a question regarding the down pipes on my bike. The thing is i want to install some slip on exhausts, and after looking at the ststem yesterday to get measurments etc, i noticed the rear pipe behind the heat shield is a lot narrower than the front pipe. How could i install after market pipes, when there is a noticeable difference in the pipes diametres ?? So to sum up, the front pipe just looks like it could be chopped and a slip on installed, but the rear pipe behind the heat shield is too narrow. It has got me baffled, if you would excuse the pun, and i would love to hear your good feedback. Thanks in advance, Terry.
  8. Yeah thanks for your reply, i have seen that the oil filters are readily available and don`t understand why they don`t do air filters.
  9. Hi guys, Just wondering if any of you know if there is a k&n air filter for the xvs 125 ? I have done a few searches and it seems like you can get the k&n for most models of bikes including the xvs, but not the 125. Thanks in advance, Terry.
  10. LOL i love it. The pannies were on the bike when i got it btw.
  11. as promised here is my new baby, all cleaned and polished.
  12. Ow do mate ow at ? I`m up on the yew tree estate beef, born an bred. so closer to the ruggy club.
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