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  1. Oh that reminds me, any one got any tips on what to put on to stop the last of this years road salt atacking the frame?
  2. Cheers all. Ill post some picks once she had a wash.
  3. I run the premium in mine, its about 3-5 p. a liter more. First started using it in the monkey bike because if i used the cheep stuff i was under the minimum £5 spend, did notice it less ropey when cold and would start easier. The ybr is the same. Seems to start better and needa less choke with the premium.
  4. Thanks, ill take a look at the chain at the weekend and see how much its streached
  5. How do i know if i have an am as a2 licence?
  6. Recently bought a ybr 125 and the fella said it was ready for a new chain, now me being a newbi how do i tell? Chan looks ok to me but the unless it was snapped i doubt id know any difrence. Also what chains best to get and were from? Is it best to get oem from dealer? Or are there better aftermarkets? Also do you change sprocket and chain together? Lots of questions but i realy am a new :-)
  7. Iv got a chineese coppy of the monkey bikes and whilst its funny as hell to ride i carry a back pack full of tools to replace repair or carry the bits that fall off. Mines a skyteam witch is one of the better coppies (propper weldind and a decent frame) The engines not bad but everything else is dogsheet.
  8. Evening all, new member and new to bike riding. Got my self a good nick (or seams to be ) 2005-2006 yamaha ybr 125 (carb) Nice bike and loving it also have a monkey bike that i prat about on from time to time.
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