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  1. hello to all,been out of bike scene for 25 years and would like help and guidence to bring this bike back to some sort of life,as it has been used,abused, bodged and neglected.Just bought 1987 yamaha fzx 750 with a 1000cc genesis engine?,if i want to replace engine but stick with 1000cc am i looking for an fzr engine,if so what kind of engine years am i looking for to fit standard frame.Im trying not to do any major mods to fit engine.Any one done this,all help,guidence or info from any of your good selves would be very much appreciated.Looking for appropriate engine anyone got engine for sale,has to be good,and 4into2 down pipes.Thanks very much for your time,heres to hope
  2. Hi, am new to this site so have been given advice to introduce myself.Been bikeless for 25years and just bought a very unloved ,1987 yamaha fzx 750 with 1000cc genesis engine,which has been unloved for too long,and want to bring it back to life.Cheers all
  3. Hi all,just joined.Not owned a bike for 25 years and have just bought a 1987 yamaha fzx 750 with a 1000cc genesis engine fitted.I have no paperwork or info on what year the engine is,would i be right in thinking it is a fzr unit,because if i want to replace the engine anyone know what year of engine i could use without loads of mods.Also as to yet bought a few bits and pieces for the bike,but seem to come to a dead end looking for 4into2 down pipes.Any info would be greatly received however small.Love this bike and want to put it back to a very high standard of finish as i will never sell it.Anyone who has changed engines as above,i would like to talk to.Thank you all for taking the time to read this,hope someone can help,big thanks
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