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  1. il check that in the morning so.will it still work ok the way its set up now?
  2. yeah they match alrite its 2k4-061375.why is it suprising that it has 7?should i b woried haha?
  3. ah thats grand so. is it ok then that i ran the wire from to the source coil to the cdi direct as theirs nothing in the loom for it?
  4. yeah theirs 7 wires on the cdi.and the wire on the loom that i tought went into the cdi was actually the battery wire i traced it back.so the loom was missing the red wire connecting from the engine to cdi so i just ran one tru myself everything else was there.so i think i have it all done now wish me luck!! what is that extra wire for do u know?
  5. haha ok sound me frend has an xt and said i could take it for parts for dt if theyd fit!
  6. if u lift your tank off their should be a rectifier with a red wire and a double white wire connected to it, it mite be somewere else on your bike mine is an 81 but id say their similar on mine its bolted to the frame under the tank next to the indicator flasher relay,the red wire on that should go back towards the battery and that should be your + and your black - will be next to your voltage regulator thats the little silver box with a single yellow wire you can use the earth next to that as your - black wire.im at the wiring on mine al day trying to follow lines tru the manual and this seems to be the way mine is going to work out
  7. all went well wiring the dt everything is in the rite place,the plug is sparking away when the key and the switch is turned on so all is good,the only thing is i got the wiring harness from yambits der on ebay and their seems to be a few wires missing from it,one of the wires coming from the engine the red one has no place to plug into the harness and it should because it goes to the cdi unit from their,but at the point it connects to the cdi it is their, odd!! ,and the red from the battery isnt their either the black - for the batery is their but no red + and again that red goes to the rectifier and at the rectifier it is their!! did i just hapen to get a dodgy harness or am i supposed to splice into it myself and add these wiress??i didnt think id have to be cutting the harness and adding wires would that be rite like??
  8. i cant even find the spokes for it
  9. hi does anybody know if the 80s xt500 and the dt175 mx rear wheels are the same they look very similar
  10. yeah mate i noticed that too no batery connections im doing my wiring now so when i find out il let u know about that one!
  11. hi,does anyone know if i can get the wheels of an 81 dt mx respoked in any bike shop or do i have to find the ones to fit it myself?i went to the bike shop here in town and he couldnt do it but he cant realy do anething, useless place!!haha
  12. http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj497/jasonduggan/IMG00059-20120228-1335.jpg"]http://
  13. yeah thats the plan its lookin much beter now dan when i got it costing a fortune haha!the lights and clocks all on it now,mainly to do the wiring,having trouble finding new spokes,but i think dats it done then new tyres and chain.when i have it all done il take the hea off and clean it up rest of the engine is done
  14. http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj497/jasonduggan/IMG00058-20120228-1335.jpg"]http://IMG]http://i1264.photobucket.com/albums/jj497/jasonduggan/IMG00058-20120228-1335.jpg
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