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  1. thanks man im gonna try that as soon as i get it running. the current problem is that the new carb i bought has a piece that i dont know the name of thats usually on the throttle cable going into the top of the carb actually mounted on the carb so i got the cable stuck in the old one trying to drunkenly manhandle it after a night at the bar. i know this sounds dumb and it is, anybody know an online store that sells a throttle cable for the 78dt15? or another one that will fit? ill be posting pictures in the next few days so you guys can see whats going on. and i think the bike was rewired for no battery... this might sound stupid but is there some way that the lights could be working without a battery, obviously when running, but is that possible? it just seems stupid to me that someone would go through all the trouble of rewiring all that but not take the time to unbolt the headlight ears or take of the one bolt that keeps the blinkers on...?
  2. thanks a lot jason, i appreciate it! i dont have the finances to pick up a shop manual just yet so any help you have is awesome.
  3. thats about it. i was told to fill out a new member post so here it is. also im 24, still only a few years into working on bikes. i might need a little help here and there and i might not have that much to contribute but illl try.
  4. hi all, i came across a 78 dt175 enduro and the last owner said it would glug after riding it for a while, die, then wouldnt start again til it cooled down. bike isnt running at all currently and he said thats what happened the last time he rode it then it never started again, i cleaned the carb one day and got it started, then it died. im going to screw with it a bit more and try to get it at least running. any suggestions on what to do after i get it running to fix the drops when its hot problem? also just another little thing, i guess the bike was running with no battery, as far as i can tell anyway. the thing is, there are no battery connections in the wiring harness, where do they usually come from, i will be trying to run it with a battery again so i can make it street legal. thanks for any help you might have!
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