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  1. Hi there, I recently bought a Yamaha DTR 125 1988. It is ver difficult to kick start and just floods with fuel. I use little throttle and choke. But as soon as I bump start it, the bike works perfectly fine? Is it the kick start? thanks, Joe.
  2. hi there Airhead! bit new to all this just need some help with the DTR!!!
  3. hi, How about Yamaha DTR 125 1988/89 panels? Blue please!!!! thanks.
  4. Hi guys, I have a DTR 125 1998 and my insurance quote was £532.. is this a reasonable price for a 17 year old!? thanks!
  5. I ride a DTR 125 1998! fabulous bike for its age! please comment if you have a similar bike or age as I am looking for a few cosmetic parts!! thanks
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