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  1. Hi clarkegray, The part I am looking for is £120 from Fowlers Yamaha and is the item which starts at the wheel and is connected to the wiring junction box via a cable. The other part which fits into a recess in the wheel and revolves with the wheel is £20 from Fowlers (all incl delivery as I don't have time to do a 60 mile round trip to my nearest Yamaha dealer). According to Fowlers, what I need is called the speedo sensor and has been listed on eBay also as the sensor. I would willingly pay a tenner for it if I could but I think my description has led you believe I needed the rotor (I think) which is the small tube with lugs which fits into both the wheel and the sensor housing).
  2. Thanks, I'll give it a try.
  3. Hi all, I have a similar post in the Bar area but no harm in asking here whether anyone is breaking a 2002 fzs 600 and has the speedo sensor for sale or knows where I can lay my hamds on one. Thanks.
  4. Hi out there, I'm looking for a speedo sensor for my fzs 600 and there are none on eBay. Fowlers are looking for £120 for a new one but that goes against the grain. Does anyone know whether I can use a similar item from another Yamaha model as there are a few on eBay which look like they could fit although in some cases the wiring looks rather short? Many thanks.
  5. Pinlock fixes to the inside of the visor so it never comes into contact with rain. You will still need to do whatever you do to keep the outside of the visor clean and help the rain to run off. The inside need very little cleaning but is dead easy to do. Best of luck.
  6. Sounds like a wind up. I finish work at midnight and use a clear insert with no problems. Alternatively yours was a tinted insert which can only be worn during daylight unless you like riding blind.
  7. Yeah, thanks Airhead. Perhaps that should be my name. I did of course mean radiator. Probably caught a blonde moment from the wife.
  8. Pinlock is great. I have the inserts on all my helmets. You can research them online or go into Hein Gericke who stock them. The staff there are very helpful.
  9. Discovered last week that my exhaust had developed a slight leak at one of the small pipes on the bottom right. Attempted to seal it with Radweld which was a glorious failure. It really needs brazing but finding and then getting the work done by a radiator repairer would cost money including the cost of getting the radiator to the shop and it's return. Other options considered included a second hand radiator from ebay or a breaker but the same problem remains. These radiators are about 8 - 10 years old and may be in no better nick than the one I already have so possibly a pointless exercise. Another option is a new pattern radiator which comes in at about £120 and would be a good bet as it will last for as long as I keep the bike. Being a stingy Scotsman, however, who hates spending money unnecessarily, I solved the problem by removing the radiator, cleaning around the leak and covering with a liberal dose of Araldite. It seems to have done the trick but I would appreciate any feedback from anyone who has done this already. I know I will be riding in the future with one eye on the temperature gauge and another on my right boot to check for signs of further leakage.
  10. Hi DirtyDT, Would offer you a creme egg but can't promise the file - not even a nail file as these eggs seem to get smaller every year.
  11. Congrats, you're the first person to welcome me to the YOC. Thanks.
  12. Count me in. Size large & would prefer blue or black.
  13. colin1950

    Fzs 600

    Just joined YOC and would like to add my tuppence worth. Have had the same problem with my 2002 fzs600 and got a replacement sensor from Fowlers of Bristol for about £21 in Jan 2011. The original sensor was made of metal and the replacement was plastic - 2 types of plastic in 2 parts (probably glued - the main body & the collar with lugs attached). I was sceptical about how robust the new part would be and was proved correct, it packed up after 13 months. The body had split into 2 parts and was useless. Another new part ordered and when Fowlers were asked about a warranty for the new part they told me to get back to them if it fails within a year - but no promises. My point is that the original metal sensor failed after 8 years because the lugs sheared and the new plastic part lasted just over a year. So much for progress. I'll be keeping a close eye on the sensor this time. Has anyone had similar problems with these flimsy plastic parts?
  14. Hi all, Thought I'd better introduce myself to you. I'm Colin, aged 61 going on 24 and have been riding for over 40 years. My present ride is a Fazer FZS600 and I have to say it's probably the best bike I have ever owned. It does everything from scratching to touring and does it well (apart from the numb bum after about 2 hours). I ride all year round and do about 10000 miles on a mixture of roads and it very seldom lets me down. I'll add to my profile, photos etc when I get some time. I'm at work at present (yes, working like a slave thank you very much). It's just that I'm unusual in that I'm a male who can multitask - just ask the wife. I can listen to her and sleep at the same time. It's a gift.
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