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  1. wow thats gone over my head lol i have changed the voltage regulator and its still there the battery is nearly new too no sure what to check next or where either ???
  2. have you considerd your oil crank pressure maybe you need new seals could be that also check your reed valve and coil output sometimes coils work great for a period but soon weaken after running a short while if they are on there way out also maybe check youre exhaust isnt fould up with carbon
  3. hya people i wonder if there is anyone who can pinpoint my problem the problem is always there but is really noticeable at night.. while riding my electrics surge all my lights including dash headlight become really bright for a few seconds then return to normal and sometimes they dim below normal level too it fluctuates all the time would i be right in thinking it could be the voltage regulator or is there any other possibilitys ??? because i dont really want to go on an expensive fault finding saga i hope there is a member who is better on electrical than me any help would be really appreciated ps i get the feeling people laugh at my xj because its often termed as a divvy and i gotta say its starting to put me off it now shame really cause i like it even though its a bit dated compared to some like the bandit
  4. hy all i wonder if anyone out there could tell me if an xj600 diversion tank will also fit the 900 diversion any help would be appreciated as im selling one on ebay many thanks ...vinny
  5. cheap it is i swapped an rxs100 for it and insurance was third party £70.00 all in. 1st 2nd an 3rd gear still put a grin on my face but i suppose it will wear off as you all know the hunger for power normally tends to dominate the list of prioritys
  6. i bought an xj600 diversion and after reading the reviews i found it to be a fairly fast comfortable user friendly bike so why do people slag them off so much i know it doesnt perform like an r1 type of bike but its good for someone on a budget like me and apart from slightly lacking the gut wrenching accelaration like some others i find it hard to pick any faults with it so whats the beef why do people seem to hate them ?? do you!!
  7. some people are so destructive waste of a perfectly good bike innit
  8. http://www.livevideo.com/media/playvideo_f...0EDCE43E260BFCC
  9. hya yes it sounds like the carbs need balancing make sure your points are gapped correctly and i would replace the float needle valve "the thing with the spring" as once they play up you got no choice but to replace check your carb mounts arent split or leaking and your throttle slides are moving freely also check your float level as well the specs should be in the manual . it def sounds like your carbs are at fault here though did you buy a decent carb cleaner so you could blast through all the channels inside also if you have any rubber diaphrams check them for splits and pinholes hope that helps all the best ..vinny
  10. check an make sure the clutch cable is well lubed and adjusted correctly and you have the right grade of engine oil an if that fails it down to you clutch springs being week or your clutch is worn
  11. so o guess that means wese not on da same stack doooood
  12. anything to do with old spice ?? or posh spice maybe mixed spice ?? they are the only spices i know anyway whats wrong with robbie williams great music and a true british artist if people didnt like him he wouldnt sell, nobody new your spice man but im sure people know robbie williams
  13. indicator relay is under the tank an just near the head stock
  14. dont come near me osama binhead or i may pop a cap
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