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  1. i cant belve nun of u know who it is, any way dont matter jsut glad we aint got no robbie williams fans riding bikes that would be fuckin tragic the dude on the r1 is "spice 1" from the bay area califronia, shocked anyway
  2. all i need to know is, does any one know who this man is cos if ya do ya probly on the same stack im on if not ya probly like robbie williams yes that is him bike yamaha r1 a good 10 grand spent
  3. wesley snipes hit me while he was in his 3 tun s class
  4. Section 8

    wot end can???

    as i see it you got different types of cans 2 catagorys ass follows CANS THAT SOUND LIEK A 16 YEAR OLDS SAXO ART BLUE FLAME SCORPIAN YOSH FUCK OFF CANS THAT GIVE POWER AND KEEP THE SOUND OF A PERFORMANCE ENGINE ARROW AKRA TERMI and of couse yamahas own race pipe (its on there site) and for fuck sake stay away from remus there bloddy good and give mad power but sound like a ford focus with a dustbin on the back
  5. mate send it back gear indicators are fuckin horrible thay never ever work proply you have to teach them and sumtimes when u start up thay are wrong its jsut too much agro than its worth
  6. i got a o5 a real 05 with the usd forks and radials and if i where u id stay away from all the nasty cans (fuckin arts for a start) get on ebay and get ya slef a termi one of the bnest exausts u can buy (As yamaha own a big part of the company as i understand) thay come designed with the injection r6s in mind i got one on mine and it aint no load pipe liek a scorpian or summin thay make ya bike sound like a fuckin saxo, the termi gives it that wsb haga air ripping noise, also i used a motrax fender killer goes down a treat check my posts i got laods of pics of mi bike with the can and the rear end peace
  7. nice thunder, i love blue and this one got nice decals down the side, i like the thunders with the solo seat conversion tahy look mean with the seat changed peace
  8. nice rides both in a limited colour as well TROW YOUR Y`s Up oh just relized ya a Chelmsford boy only down the road in the tree mate
  9. Section 8


    that bike his got would do a r1 hands down
  10. Section 8

    The cost of bikes

    bran new r1 8000 brand new golf (girly hatchback aka big ponses motor jsut if ya dident know) £18,000 0 - 60 in 10 secendos or sumin lol so 20 grand on a bike works out cheap depends if ya got the balls(r1) or if ya a gil(Hatchback)
  11. will stay away from the stones mate i used every thing on me 99 r6 and as soon as i rolled away with the diabs on i knew it was better already thay are fuckin great i only ever ues diabs now and i get some mad motul oil as well cant mem wich one and that should be ok i eman i get 130 miels a tank out me 05 or there about, but a tcat is probly one of the best sport/commuters going and thay dont look half bad
  12. youl prob get 130 miels from a tank id use standered Pirelli Diablos all the other wear out to fast and who puts halfords shit in there bike its a jap engine always give it the good stuff, i eman you dont sit at home and get tesco blue line larger do ya, know ya dont treat how youd like to be treated...........................my son.lol its gonna be perfect for comuting
  13. there so much better with out te poxy stickers shame the 03 04 got them painted in the tank, i eman when i peeled mine of mi r6 actually turnt round and went "thank fuck for that i looked like a cunt"
  14. yea man i thaugh that i thaught abut puttin it on ebay as "brand New K7 £8000" lol not written of sold the scrap and go me the 05 first thing i dun was get a fuckin dampner this is y i hate the 99 02 frotn end btw
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