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    2003Yamaha XJ900s, 2x Yamaha XV750, 1 Yamaha XV750 Trike, 1Yamaha Virago 535 Trike, 1 XJ750 Midnight Maxim, 1 XJ750 Maxim.

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  1. I have several bikes , all on the same policy which means theyre insured all the year round some of the bikes are taxed & MOT some are on sorn all is ok as far as can tell . I Often wonder why Britain doesnt take a leaf out of the French way of haveing useing a vehicle on the road All vehicles have to have an insurance sticker attached to the bottom of windscreen on righthand side or if m/c a small weather proof disc with sticker in it , Its a jail able offence not to have a vehicle insured if used on the roads in France so no one does it , as for the MOT which are called CT Control technic You also have a sticker in the windscreen showing pass date and date due the great thing best of all Bikes dont require an Mot /CT Have learnt recently the micro car in Britain requires Insurance MOT TAX and a motor cycle licence to drive it with if havent a full licence , where as in France a Micro car all you need is insurance yup no licence no tax no CT Ripp off Britain right enough but do like the place .
  2. Thought would introduce myself,names charliefarlie yes i know the two ronnies etc was given it years ago before they started it by an old pal . Have several models of Yamaha includeing 2003 XJ900S divi have 2 XV 750 Viragos Plus a XV750 trike in process of being built , plus have a 535 trike and a XJ750 midnight Maxim lastly a XJ750 Maxim US import looking for a dateing certificate for it where could i get one of these please your help would be much appreciated .
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