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  1. Someone beat me to it. Here's what the manual says anyway... I'm on my iPhone so hope this works. http://m.flickr.com/lightbox?id=5963457136
  2. Hi, if nobody beats me to it I will check my manual in the morning for you. Sorry, just got into bed so won't go and look now. Will get back to you in the morning...
  3. Fantastic! I hope you offered to help Miss pert buttocks get dry in your nice warm cab!!
  4. Thanks for the replies guys. Someone at work says there is a Yamaha dealer in Melton Mowbray so I will call them and ask them to get me a new crush washer and oil for the bike and then collect when they have it in. I managed to see how much oil is in the bike by tipping the bike right over - turns out it is over filled I've been riding it like that, will it have done any damage do you think? Nice to know there is someone local, where abouts are you? - do you know a lot about bikes? Don't suppose you would mind meeting with me at some point to show me some basic stuff like
  5. Hi guys, me again. I've been looking through my user manual and have decided that I should have a go at changing the oil - mainly because I can't see if it has any in! The little viewing window is very dark or black and I can't tell if its below the window, or above it - but certainly it isn't between the two marks as I see no line across the window. My book says to use SAE 20w40 SE motor oil, or SAE 10w30 SE motor oil. Which should I use, and should it specifically say that its for motorcycles? Also, it says that the oil drin plug O-ring may need replacing - any idea where I can get
  6. It sucks to fail, but don't give up. I failed my Mod1 test by putting my foot down on the u-turn. I then decided that rather than throw money at more training and/or re-tests I would get myself a 125 on L plates to build my confidence. Not very cool for a 28 year old to be wizzing about with L plates on perhaps, but I don't care - I see it as a stepping stone to where I want to be. Having had a go on a 500cc though I now know I definately want to be a biker! Can't spend my life running around on L plates! Don't give up, you'll get there. It was soul destroying when I failed mine but I wa
  7. Wow! And here I am struggling with the damn u-turn! That's amazing!
  8. Thanks for the tips, I have already been having a look around using the search function with some success. The only trouble is that not many people post photos of how they do things! lol I was thinking of getting hold of some second hand tools from ebay to start off with - as long as they do the job I don't mind how shiney they are! I will take all thats been said onboard and will have a bash at doing some basic stuff using the forum and the manual.
  9. Thats a shame, never mind - I'll have a read of the user manual later and see how easy it is to follow for someone that has no idea!! Where in Northants are you? My dad lives in Kettering. Who do you drive for, I will keep a look out for your truck and give you a wave - you'll wonder who the hell is waving at you! lol
  10. Ahh, just seen your edit. No worries, now - off to fill out my profile.....
  11. No, not in Cheshire, think you are thinking of someone else..! I will update my profile, I am in Stamford, Lincs...
  12. Thank you everyone! I better get myself some lube and get on it then, I've been riding around for a couple of weeks in all weathers without even giving it a thought! I hadn't considered the chain tension either, how do I know if it needs adjusting - and is this an easy task? Would the chain tension have been checked on the MOT? I will have a read of the owners manual this afternoon when the kids are out and I can hear myself think! I wonder if there is a member local to me that might be willing to show me how to undertake some basic maintenance tasks?
  13. Hi guys, I went into halfords earlier to get some polish for my exhaust and noticed some motorcycle chain lube and motorcyle chain cleaner. Do I need some of this and how often am I supposed to put lube on the chain? Is there anything else I am supposed to do to my bike every now and then or any other products that I might need that I don't know about? Thanks.
  14. Thanks for the welcome messages and advice guys, much appreciated. One question though MRR - What is meant by Black Down Blue Up?
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