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  1. I found a very easy way to remove grip. Take a thin stiff piece of wire and bend a crank shape in the end. Insert wire down grip and then turn wire, it will work round the bar and release the grip all the way round with no damage at all.
  2. My bikes since 1999 1) Dragstar 650 same as above, bought new to commute from Reading to London. As leatherat says its all over by 80mph and just makes 90mph if you must. After 6 months I traded it in for 2). 2) Yamaha Royal Star deluxe (screen, panniers) XVS1300 V4 detuned V-Max engine. Did 75,000 miles on this until 2004. 3) Traded in the XVS1300 for a Harley 1200 Sportster Custom. Just had to do the Harley thing. Poor finish and expensive parts made me finally trade it in. I also bought a Honda Lead scooter. 4) Traded Honda Lead for 2001 Burgman 400 5) Traded Burgman 400 fo
  3. I typically get 45mpg with gentle riding or 35mpg if you vboost a lot. If you buy a non vboost model you miss the whole point of a MAX, after all you can ride around all day on a full power model below 6-7000rpm and it will be like any other 100bhp bike but you also have the option of a bit of fun when you feel like. Trust me forget the low power model. The low power types have a smaller rear exhaust opening. There are some mods which make the vboost come in sooner at 3000rpm but my view is that this would be too risky - too much power too soon. Yamaha got it just right with the original se
  4. I have a 2000 Carbon version imported from Canada I think. Some key information: Only ever buy the full power version. They produce 145hp at crank and about 110HP at rear wheel. If looked after they remain in very very good condition with little corrosion. Best kept in original condition if possible as this maximises value. 1985 bikes are very prone to second gear problem, jumps out under power. From 2003 on the oil gallery was redesigned slightly to stop/reduce O-ring popping out. Engine is more powerful than frame can handle plus front and rear shocks lead to bouncy ride
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