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  1. Get the o2 eliminator from the guy in greece off ebay, cost £17 and a few pence, does the same job as jacks mod, i fitted one on my 1300 and it's the best thing i ever did, much smoother at low revs and doesn't affect mpg or running, only takes 5 mins to fit
  2. I was looking at a different size and make for the rear but to keep things right i checked with my insurance company first, they classed it as a modification and wanted to up my premium by 50% and if i didn't tell them of the change my insurance could be void in the event of an accident so i played safe and got the oem rear tyre again.
  3. Well, decided on the k555 again, got one for £136 including delivery from OPONEO, well worth trying when you want any bike tyre
  4. My first dunlop did 10,500 miles, my 2nd one has 2mm left at 6,500 miles and because of the nightmare trying to get a tyre last time i'm going to get one now, just need to make my mind up which one( will look into the avon) so far most dealers have the sizes in and cheapest so far is £146 for the dunlop and £134 for a bridgestone. i paid £175 last time when they were rarer than chicken teeth!!! thanks for the replys, cheers
  5. Getting ready for a rear tyre change, i have run the dunlop k555 but now looking at the bridgestone, i would appreciate comments from xvs1300 owners who have run the bridgestone and what they thought of it (mileage etc) and has anyone run a dunlop on the front and bridgestone on the rear mix. thanks PS. thankfully tyres are plentful now than they were 18 months or so ago and cheaper
  6. I've just taken my 1300 for it's 1st test (can't believe i've had it 3 years already!) it has a cobra power pro 2-1 fitted with spartpartz baffle, it passed but they put an advisory on for loud exhaust!!! must take the baffle out to see what it really sounds like
  7. Looks good, if it ever stops raining i'll have a look at doing it, cheers
  8. Hi, i got a trade in price in feb for my 10 plate with 11,500 miles, they knocked off £100 for every 1000 miles above 4,000 miles, non-negotiable, so i told them to get stuffed as they obviously didn't want to sell me a new bike, with this weather we are having, they did me a favour lol!
  9. Hi, has anybody fitted a sat nav to a xvs1300 and where did you tap into the electrics, all info greatly appreciated, ta
  10. i have a cobra power pro 2-1 exhaust fitted so i do get some backfiring now which i don't mind but the reason i was asking about the k&n air filter was if the engine is dragging more air in will the fuel ecu still compensate? i've been into the 1300 tourer site and opinions on the subject seam to be very mixed, nice that the weather has finally turned, cheers all
  11. Hi, has anybody fitted a k&n air filter to a xvs1300, is it worth the extra price, ta
  12. thought it should be ok and i wouldn't be messing with the air intake, i'm happy with the basic power, just want a bit more noise ( as you do ), i've drilled the silencer but it isn't enough and the cobra slip on is just what i want at a reasonable price, so time to treat myself for christmass, all the best eggar
  13. thanks for that, just one more thing, did you have to fit a fuel processor or did the stock efi unit compensate. i fitted slip ons on my harley with no problems at all even though dealers etc told me i would have to fit a fuel processor like a power commander or similar, cheers, eggar
  14. LIKE IT !!!!!!!! did the $305 include shipping and how easy was it to do, how to order and pay etc and how long did it take to deliver, any info would be great because i've never bought from the u.s.a before and i want one, cheers
  15. Brilliant day, it's something all bikers should do if only once just for the experience and of course it is for a good cause, i saw the proposed meet for xvs 1300 owners, maybe next year with a bit of luck but in the meantime i sometimes get to squires so maybe that could be a meet place ?. hope the hand heals soon and your'e back on the road
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