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  1. Hi Dean, Welcome to the YOC. I'm new here too, and also have a red XJ600 Diversion (there are some pictures in the Gallery) which I bought back in April. It's the "comfortable" bike that allows my partner and I to enjoy biking together. For purely selfish biking I take the R6, but they both bring their own forms of pleasure. Anyway, enjoy the Divvy, and your time on here. Regards
  2. Hi Emma, Welcome to the YOC. I've only recently joined, and am still finding my way around. I recently purchased an '02 R6, and it too is my pride & joy. Your Fazer looks very nice. I also have a '97 XJ600 Diversion; if I'd had a little more time (and probably a little more money) I think I would have gone for a Fazer. Still, the Divvie's nice, and does the job. I too am on the lookout for like-minded people, for a ride-out now and then. However, Northamptonshire is not exactly local to you Anyway, enjoy your time on here, it's not quite the same as actually being on 2 wheels, but I'm sure it will be a giggle Regards
  3. Welcome to the YOC Jim, I can well understand what you mean about just looking at the R1. I originally wanted an R1, but a couple of knocks in the car last year made the insurance premium prohibitive. So I've settled on an '02 R6 (there are a few pictures in the Gallery). I still love it to bits, and also can't help standing and staring each time I go in the garage. Maybe an R1 in a few years Anyway, enjoy your time on here. Regards
  4. Hi Dee, Welcome to the YOC. I only joined last week, so I'm still finding my way around. No doubt we'll chat again in due course as we both stumble around In the meantime, enjoy your time on your 125. It's a great experience. Regards
  5. GillsBoy

    GillsBoy's XJ

    A few pictures of the XJ600 Divvie. This is the workhorse that gives my partner & I the opportunity to jointly experience the pleasures of the open road.
  6. Wow, thanks for all the Welcomes Guys, I really feel at home now. Glad I make you feel like a mere whippersnapper Reverend, I suppose I have to be older than someone :-) Interesting that most people seem to like the XJ over the R6. However, it is a good solid bike, and it brings its own kind of pleasure. Hopefully, the pair of us will make our major maiden voyage on it to WSB at Silverstone next month. In the meantime I've just uploaded some pics of the R6 to the Gallery, and will do some of the XJ in due course. Happy biking.
  7. GillsBoy

    GillsBoy's R6

    A few pictures of my recent purchase, and my re-introduction to biking after a lay-off of 12 years!<br /><br />My, how things have changed, but how lovely to once more have a pride & joy (other than the other half, of course!).
  8. Hello again, I've noticed that, despite a number of reviews, I've had no replies to my introduction. On re-reading my initial post, it occured to me that it may have come over as being somewhat pretentious. Please be assured that this was not meant to be the case. It took a patient 8 years to be able to afford my FZR1000 EXUP, as that was the bike that I really wanted, and I was prepared to wait to get it. Unfortunately, a forced house move meant it had to go long before I had intended. It has been a further 12 long years before I've been in a position to buy another bike, and I'm absolutely loving very minute on both the R6 and the XJ. It's just great to enjoy the fun and freedom that two wheels brings. I currently live on the Northamptonshire/Cambridgeshre border, and would be interested in hearing of any meets/ride-outs that occur in that area. It would be nice to share some of my riding time with people who have the same passion for bikes. In the meantime, happy biking, and hope to hear of other people's experiences soon.
  9. Good evening, and "Hello" from another new member. I'd thought I'd take a couple of minutes to introduce myself. My Nickname on here is GillsBoy. I've been a keen biker since 1977 and have had various makes and models, but have always favoured Yamahas since my very first FS1E. I sold my last bike - an FZR1000 Exup back in 1988 to raise funds for a house move. I've been desperate for another bike ever since, but there have always been other priorities (like a mortgage!!). Anyway, job, mortgage and children now permitting, I'm finally back on two wheels. And, just like London buses, with not one bike, but two! I bought a red 2002 YZF-R6 back in March. It has few little goodies on it, and is in really nice condition. It's been a great way to get back into the mould, and it's amazing how quickly you get back into the routine (it's just like riding a bike). Unfortunately my partner, who has a severe back disability just couldn't manage the pillion position (who can on an R6!), and was really disappointed that she couldn't enjoy the freedom that a bike brings. The only solution was to find a bike with a more suitable pillion position and, to that end, we bought a 1997 XJ600 Diversion in April (not, I hasten to add, in place of my R6!). So far, so good on the XJ, and despite never having been on a bike before, she's a natural pillion after only a few outings and thoroughly enjoying the experience. So now I have the best of both worlds; the XJ on which I can enjoy a more relaxed ride in the company of my partner, and the R6 on which I can, shall we say, just enjoy!! Anyway, I'll pop some pictures up in due course. Bye for now.
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