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  1. This is still on guys and girls so if you fancy it with the nice weather then feel free to meet at the given place and time
  2. This saturday meeting at jct 14 M56 at 10.45 leaving at 11am for the run below I think there are a few meeting for this so be there if you want to come From end of M56 work way to Mold via, A5117 - A550 -A494. Then, A541 passing Bodfari before turning onto A543 passing Denbigh. At Bylchau, Turn A544 to Llanfair Talhairn. A548 to A470 down to Betws-y-coed. (stop to admire the water fall, petrol. Noticed that theres a cafe called Alpine Cafe that seems to be a local biker stop too. Station Rd, LL24 0AE) A5 Capel Curig, A4086 - A498 to Beddgelert, A4085 up to Caernarfon. (We could carry on A4086 if anybody wants to know what the "Pass of Llanberis" is, this route up to Caernarfon is a little shorter but could be interesting, let me know guys) B4366 to Bangor Easy run along A55 to J31 Dragons Rest Cafe. (On B5122, Read reviews that its a bit pricey but the food is claimed to be home cooked) Onwards and home
  3. Hi all I was wondering if anyone in the cheshire/mersyside/lancashire area fancies a ride out this sunday. Know it shorts notice but just fancying a day out on the bike and would welcome the company if your free and are up for a ride then drop a message here thinking of heading down the A49 and then random roads that take my fancy, if I get a few people wanting to come then I'll come up with a definitive route. see you soon
  4. Just thought so any one who is coming I'm on a red diversion 600 and will try and stay somewhere near the entrance or picnic area, if no one is the by 10.30 I'll head off on my own. If your coming I'll see you tomorrow Dean
  5. Just seen the weather forecast for Sunday rain, rain and more rain so how about we change it to Sat same time and place, let me know cause I'll be going then and join if you can
  6. Where are you located? Also if you drop me your e-mail I can e-mail you the Haynes manual for the XJ 600
  7. I would say SCUBA diving is my other hobbie but not been for 3 years now don't suppose there are any local or people from Cumbria (for Capernwray) or North Wales (for sea diving) on YOC that also dive?
  8. Yeah something like that or this Both very similiar just one misses out Caernarfon so depends how numb the bum is Dean
  9. Hi guys I'm heading into Northwich tomorrow then thinking of going for a ride out inn the country lanes wherever they lead for a few hours. Wondered if anyone would like to join me then either drop me a message here or meet at 4.30pm outside J&S and we'll go from there, anyone with local knowledge greatly appreciated if you could give me some routes to head out on
  10. Well in that case weather permitting I.E. Not raining. I'll be turning up at the services and will wait 30 mins for anyone else before I head off on my billy
  11. Did Yamaha have a loss of paint for divvies?? They all seem to be Red of Green haha How do you find the paint on yours? don't know whether it's mine or all divvies but the paint on the tank seems to chip very easy
  12. I used to be down your way Reverand until a few months ago for uni I will upgrade at some point to the 900 once I've got a bit of experience on the 600 as they are comfy bikes your located up Windermere way aren't you Shet? May have a jaunt up there in a few weeks
  13. Hi All, I'm Dean and from Runcorn I'm up for getting out on the bike as much as possible have a red Yamaha Diversion 600 If your thinking of going anywhere then drop me a message as chances are I'll be game for a ride (as long as it's around me, as in I ain't going up to Scotland for a few hour ride but would go for a Weekend or longer ), but more of a scenery type rider which the occasional fast (mainly dual carriage ways or motorways) riding.
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