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  1. Gone now sold for £1300 to a collector by sounds of him
  2. 205 quid woohoo, lol, yep shouldve listened, now listed for 7 days
  3. I would've loved to put it out on the road but money just isn't there, my xj600 won't shift for anything but silly money But yes there is a reserve so if it makes that I'll be very happy Having to collect it will make it awkward for most people but I plan to reimburse their ferry trip if it makes good money I'm nice like that, lol
  4. I reckon it will make all it's going to make in a day, not much point dragging it out, Though probably won't make reserve, so will be listed again for longer
  5. Well i finished the first turbo, as much as i could do,turbo needs rebuilding but blew my budget on a newer engine On ebay now looking for her new home, very sad to see this one go but gotta make money some way
  6. Ah theres nothing better than a big pile of boxes of new parts
  7. The right silencer is original tho been repainted in pj1, i have another thats been welded previously, no good to me but certainly do in an emergency Paint codes are near impossible to find, Automart do a silver alloy that seems to be a good match, won't know til its clearcoated Decals bought on ebay from an american company, good color match but now as i've applied them i've found the ones for the nose are too short And the rear is too dark Not sure whether to keep them or try again Clear coating starts today
  8. Lol, you can have it, as long as you don't mind parting with the paper stuff
  9. Aye the silver ones 1982, they look half the size without all the plastic,lol, You can have that one when she's finished Not a chance, lol, i hate panniers on a bike thats not built with them,
  10. Yup Meguairs Metal polish, works pretty good on the alloy, use it after the autosol and ya get a pretty decent shine
  11. Well the body work is coming along on the Turbo, All but the belly pan has has decals removed, primed and top coated in silver alloy, which isn't too bad a match Body work back on to line up the new decals before lacquer And my pair together just because, lol This is waiting to go on Decals should go on tommorow, then lacquer, as many coats as possible Belly pan not done as needs fibreglassing around the casing holes
  12. Pji Fast Black works fine on the engine, as for casings i painted the outside and polished the centres Bought a NOS clutch cover centre from an xj750 which fits fine and looks the part i do recommend soda blasting the block before you paint it, makes for a far nicer finish The Pump cover just needs the gold inlay doing Or send your small bits to me and i'll do them in with mine, or can swap your old stuff from my 2nd turbo
  13. No had no belly pan, bought from a fella from ebay, got tank front mudguard and pan from him, not bad, the pan i had to fibreglass on the inside to fix a crack, but can't hardly see it, So hard to come by can't be fussy He sent the tank with a locked cap on so that was fun to get out,lol
  14. Her list is as follows Replaced engine with younger lower mileage one 25k Clocks read 48k but kept original engine for spares Only swapped cause of mileage and a broken exhaust stud NOS polished footrest hangers NOS rear grabrail Polished fork brace,sprocket cover, genny cover, oil pump cover, rocker cover Pods installed Replaced exhaust, recoated headers, (PJ1 great stuff) Replaced all bodywork with original, Repainted frame, hammerite, was before had sandblaster and compressor but not great but no rust Braided lines front and back New friction plates Complete service Much
  15. Well anyone thats looked at my garage pics will have seen my sad looking black XJ How she started out This is her now A few small jobs to do, clean and petseal the tank, one overall and final polish of the brightwork. Then hopefully find her a new home, What ye think?
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