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  1. Maybe I shouldn't mention my little incident in Street patrol then... I sort of... clobbered someone with my torch because I perceived them as a threatoning target, well.. more like a target I didn't like and for some reason took offence when I walked past. I wasn't nicked because I was hit first THEN I started clobbering the little fucker with my torch just because the torch is small it doesn't mean it doesn't bloody hurt... same with a pair of Police patrol boots. hehehe. Guards should ATLEAST get to use hand cuffs to arrest people with... at the very least!. In America the Guards are armed and hold handcuff and Batons so why must we be the poofy country and NOT have the same rules!.
  2. HEHEHE I like the para section... funny yet it reminds me of myself... I likes tos blows tings ups... *hill billy chuckle*
  3. My dad had a ThunderAce, it scared me shitless when he rode it fast and I was on the back!. But anyhow, it's a bloody good bike and me dad rode from Dorset to Guildford (surrey) approx: 105 miles each way every day for 4 years... the bike never really needed repairs even after all that, ok the odd tyre change and a tune up maybe (I am sooo not a mechanic!) Probably worth checking for ones with lower milage but that seems ok for the bike, My SR125 has done 42,000 miles since it was made so that seems ok for a little bike.
  4. Heh yeah I know, 'The Corps' seem to think I know where to go for the interview they've invited me to... the only issue is that I DON'T! how do they expect me to find them!, I got a phone call from them today asking me why I hadn't shown up and blah blah blah... I had to ''nicely'' explain to the bastards why I didn't and that seemed to shut them up I'd LIKE to get into G4S or SecuriTas but because they're such huge companys I'm not someone they'd want considering they've got Ex-police and Armed forces to choose from. And whilst I did Street Patrol I used to wear big kick ass boots and a Winchester Steele LED torch
  5. Dude!, I would see absolutely NO funny side in that... it just shows that those children have no respect for adults or even security officers which means one day they may become violent towards guards, I've known a few guards who've been attacked by harmless looking kids. I want to be a security officer myself with Corps Security and I can tell ya I'd not be happy I wish I worked for G4S but I can't get past the damn answer machine on the phone line.
  6. My little cruising beast
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