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  1. I had the exact same problem - and it is now back to its full potential. (from not a technical speaking person) The rubber in the diaphragm on the carburettor had gotten old and fallen apart (mine 22 years old). To fix it cost me just over £200 that was £73 + VAT for each diaphragm and £40 + VAT labour. I wasn't able to do it myself as you need a special star like screw and a newbie for playing with bikes. This is for anyone searching for this problem as I was searching for an answer. Joshua - I tried the valve clearances and timings - ran a little smoother but no success until the above. Regards
  2. I have the 1988 Virage 535 and just had the problem talked about above. Seems to have lost the top end of each gear and now unable to go above 70 - I have had it up to 95 ish previously! Does anyone have the answer to this?
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