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  1. Chezz


    Hello! Looks fab, Im after this 125 aswel, soon, soon! What do you plan to get as a bigger bike? Im gonna keep my 125 for a while i thinks. Good luck in all your tests
  2. he said 2300 for bike alone so i might aswel just pay 300 more! as for my prettyness ill let you decide when i have my sportsy gear on next to my bike ... Im going to the BMF in may to get some gear... and i want to find a yamaha shirt somhow.. havent checked ebay yet. Do let me know if im being an absolute nooby. Im very excited and cant wait to get kitted out and get going. Patience, I have it when i need it.. but I hate having to have it when it comes to my first bike hehe!
  3. I went to a dealers today, and had a sit on the yzf.... Im in LOVE!!! They offer a paintjob with the price... so i think im going to do that. They asked 2600 for the r125 + Paintjob. I just need to design it now!! Will post my ideas here, tried to do some last night but couldnt quite do it properly with photoshop, ive figured out another way to do it now. Im really exited now.. Im thinking gold white and black. (dominantly white with black and gold stripes of some sort... ill seee) Can anyone remember that guy in MOTOGP who rides the playboy bike.. i hear they ran out of funding, and all i remember is the rider 'had beef' with rossi... which make was that bike? id like to do somthing like that one. i remember it being gold black and white and just thinkin oo that looks pretty.. But yeah the dreams that much closer and im really happy
  4. Wow that looks beautiful!! I will photoshop what i plan for mine, but i cant photoshop chrome haha ill take a jpeg of the 10' white one and show you with that.. Mid lothian haha i live in the midlands! checked out his gallery pretty sweet... Can i ask how much that was Because really my plans arent much different hehe. Ill post my idea here in a bit so peeps have an idea
  5. Chezz

    New girl :)

    haha bet that took plenty of practise.. thanks man! Yeh.. Cars... too many of em.. I found lessons boring and looong.. one day but I've wanted a motorbike since i first saw some sort of sports one when i was tiny! Im a Honda car fan, but yamaha is kinda stealin my heart for motorbikes at the moment. I bet there is a bit of bias going on, as in, if you have ridden a certain make for years your obv gonna suggest it right? So ive decided to go with something i know ill love... people have made out yams are expensive to maintain? Ill ask more q's closer to the time i suppose! Was going to get a CBR but not keen. Soon ill be going to a dealers to check out their yams.. bfore they sell em!! I havent ridden anything before other than a quad, a small one, years ago and i think that was a yamaha too lol. Thanks for your welcome
  6. Ello, I hope to have my r125 by the end of May, I dont plan on buying a brand new one, but I do want to stick with it for a few years. So Im thinking about having it custom painted... Im a chrome fan... I know chrome spray costs alot, but I was wondering, what should I expect to pay for an - all-fairings paintjob? I will design the job myself, being a bluddy art student () but Im just wondeirng what to expect to pay. I just want something simple... originaly and most likely, I will have the majority of it painted white. Knowing me ill end up pushing it, and would try for a chrome job... I know how to keep design sophisticated and not cheesy (heh my ideas might even be absolute cheese in somes opinions!!) E.g, i would have it chromed, and with a large black yamaha decal on both sides.. etc... and id keep the visual balance! Ill post my design if I go ahead. So yeah, help much appreciated!! Chezzy
  7. Chezz

    New girl :)

    Heya, Im Cherrelle... Im about to start the wonderful adventure of motorbikes ha Im 21 and gonna take my CBT in april. I want an r125, Im just not feeling anything else at the mo... Hoping to get a lil advice here perhaps and see whats goin on lol Nice to meet ya Chezz
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