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    my bike is a yamaha aerox 50cc and my dad has a highly tuned yamaha fazer so im on here for both of us really

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    bikes,bikes,bikes love a good mx ride love a good road ride thats about it really
  1. is your tick over set high?
  2. it might be the clutch my aerox 50 used to do that i changed the clutch and it was fine after that
  3. my aerox has a leo vince tt pipe with the clutch springs and rollers and then the accelaration dropped so i put 6mm jets in the carb fitted a polini race clutch and had it a new cylinder head and piston rings carb reeds and inlet manifold fitted and now mine acclerates like it should when it works as it is very problematic at the moment but the problem with adding al these mods apart from the time and money is the bikes get througha spark plug every 2-3 weeks
  4. i do im having to buy a new plug every 2-3 weeks
  5. after about 2 weeks it wont spark at all even if i clean it and warm it up and the plugs brown burnt and usually caked in road salt
  6. hi there i have an aerox 50 and it jusr wont run properly its getting through a spark plug every 2-3 weeks and keeps breaking down on me it has had practically a full engine re-build and it still isn't running properly =/ i have been told a few things that it may be such as that the carb is set up wrong, the jet has worn out (so i've ordered a new one from my local yamaha specialist) or that the carb has done its time and now needs changing but i dont know what size carb it has. So does anybody have any usggestions on what the problems and solutions may be?
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