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  1. I use the 'Oxford Omega Motorcycle Disc Lock' - its heavy duty and fits the YBR nicely.
  2. Update: My YBR injection 2007 model would not start when left in the sun and the problem became so bad that it would not start at all and had to be looked at by the dealership; they replaced the cdi unit (£250.00) and all seemed well over the winter but this spring 2011 the problem returned as soon as the sun came out! This time I adopted a more scientific approach to identify the root cause so one afternoon in strong sun it would not start; I could not hear the usual sound of the fuel pump priming. I then applied a cold compress to the tank (a wet towel with cold water poured over it whilst over the tank) to cool it as quickly as possible. This was done whilst still parked under a strong sun. 15 mins later the pump still would not prime, but after 30 mins it primed and engine started ok. I then removed the wet towel and let the tank heat up in the sun, and 30 mins later the pump would not prime and no start. Again I applied the wet towel over the tank and 30 mins later it starts fine. My next move was to buy a salvaged fuel pump off ebay (£25.00) which was easy to install. Since then I have not had any problems starting in the sun. In my opinion the fuel pump was the root cause of the problem; the cdi unit failure was a symptom. I hope this helps anyone else with the same problem - please reply if you agree or disagree with my analysis.
  3. There are a number of other forum posts on this topic that all relate to YBR Injection models, most notably one that replaced the fuel pump: 1. I turn ignition on and engine light comes on, but pump does not prime, engine light still goes out after about 5 seconds. bike wil not start as no fuel getting through. I fitted new pump and worked fine for a very short time then the same symptoms came back, any ideas please, thanks Any idea's if the rectifier was faulty would this stop the fuel pump or if there is a fuel pump relay on this bike, or anything that may control the pump thanks 2. just went to start my bike.... it started up as usuall then it stalled itself, turn the key again and the orange light comes on as usual, but theres no electronic sound like normal. and the bike wont start,... ticks over, but doesn't fire. this also happened on Sunday and a previous occasion. i assumed the electronic sound was the fuel pump engaging ? now the previous two times ive had to wait about half hour, and it magically sparks up with out problems. any idea what this could be... ill try and answer any questions i can. this is a Yamaha YBR 125, 2008 model, just over 10 thou miles on the clock. 3. in the last week, my bike has failed to start 4 or 5 times now. every single time, is when the bike is sitting in direct sunlight, i have to wheel the bike in the shade (if there is any) wait for it to cool completely down before i can start the bike. ive asked a few bike nuts, and they have all said, "Fuel evaporating from the carb" is there any bikers on here suffering the same thing, if so how can i solve it, ive got my local yammy dealer picking the bike up tuesday. but im going to a motorbike show on sunday and dont want to risk the bike failing on me. 4. I had noticed that lately my 08 reg Yamaha YBR 125 has started to sometimes stall when sat idle with the engine running on the stand. Also the engine hum seems to dip as though it will stall, but then sounds normal again. Tonight when i went to drive home from work it would not start, it turned over but would not engage the engine and start. I kept turning over and eventually with some throttle it started. It seemed to be o.k and i pulled away, only to get a little way down the road and the engine seemed to begin to die, almost like it had run out of petrol? (but i have a full tank) Again i turned it over in vein until eventually it kicked in and i could pull away. This happened about 6 times on the way home. When i was at high speed it was fine, no problem at all, but at low speed or at a stop it wanted to cut out. I don`t think it`s a major problem, but am not sure what to check or what the fault may be? I cannot afford to put the bike in for a check up and i believe it could be something tiny, that i could sort myself! I am a motorbike novice and have no idea what to look at. My friend says it sounds like it could be muck in the carburetta?
  4. I have exactly the same problem with my 2007 injection YBR 125. It starts and runs fine generally, but I know that after a journey I cannot park it up anywhere in direct sunlight because I know it will not start again! If I park in the shade it's never a problem. The only way to start it after exposure to sunlight is to leave it in the shade for an hour or so. It does not even have to be a very hot day for this problem to arise, so I'm not convinced it's a heat issue. I have yet to try the bucket of cold water technique. If anyone knows the cure for this please let us know!
  5. The front disc on my YBR 2007 3D92 has warped, which I believe is not uncommon with this model. I'm reluctant to replace it with like for like as it could end up warped again. My query is does anyone have experience of a suitable replacement, maybe a floating disc?
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