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  1. I'd venture saying that it's not just added electronics and other gizmo's which improves the cars economy, but the very way the engine is built and operates. I remember my old Nissan Micra mk1 (1990) got 65 mpg out of a 1 L engine without any additional electronics.
  2. In my researching and internet trawling, I've come across the Datatag company. They look promising as to add an additional layer of security onto the bike. Has anyone else used this service? Is it expensive? I was looking at the rules of parking a bike on the roadside and it said that the numberplate has to be viewable at all times - does this mean I can't cover the bike if I keep it on the street at night?
  3. The first thing I found when I searched for disk detainer locks were lots of youtube videos showing you how to pick them! Not full of confidence about that one tbh...
  4. Thanks for the great responses, I will have to do some motorway work with the bike but I'll keep it to a minimum and see how it goes!
  5. I'll be passing through either direct access or restricted access (haven't decided yet) and will use the bike for a commute - where the fuel economy is the most important factor. I can't find a larger sized bike that gets anywhere near the fuel economy of the ybr 125. I would like a bigger bike, but my wallet just can't take the strain atm
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  7. So I'm looking into all the things I want to use my soon to be bike for after I buy it, other than the security aspect (posted: ) I wondered if it was possible to do long distances on it, although not reglarily. I've had mixed responses from looking at previously posted topics on this forum and others, ranging from "NO, don't be daft!" to "sure, I go from london to Scotland every other day" - kind of responses. Asking my cycling instructor, they suggested not to try doing the 200 mile ride as it would shake me to pieces and my overheat my bike. But it must be possible in some capacity or another? If it usually takes 4 hours in my car to do this trip with 1 break after 2 hours of driving, wouldn't it be feasible to do it in, say, 6 hours with 4-6 breaks? Would that be enough to cool the bike down and get the blood flowing in my legs again? This wouldn't be a regular trip, but it'd be nice to take the bike up north once in a while to show it about The bike is a YBR 125, and the route would be Kent - North Lincolnshire up the M25 - M11 - A1 - A46 - A15, or A1 most of the way. I'd love to hear if anyone has done this trip, or similar, on a small sized bike and to hear how it went on. MrL
  8. So the days are nearing to the inevitable purchase of my YBR 125 for commuting to work. I'm sorting out the place where I will keep it at home at the moment, but don't have a place to keep it under cover - like in a garage or secluded area. I'm worried that a bike is such an easy target for vandalism or just plan robbin'! How can I help stop people getting their hands on my pride and joy? I'd love to hear where you keep your bike if not in a garage and if you've had any troubles doing it that way. Parking at work is fine, being a fort with guard dogs! MrL
  9. I do love that sporty bike look of the YZF-R125, it almost seduced me into getting one instead of the YBR-125. I had to remind myself that I'm not swimming in cash currently and the reason I can indulge in buying a bike now (instead of a year or two in the future) is because of the amazing economy of the YBR-125, getting onto triple my car's economy, and double of the YZF. I'm hoping that this will save me enough cash so that I can buy a sexier sports bike to play around with after I've been riding for a couple of years and have really got to grips with being on two fewer wheels than I'm used to!
  10. Hi o/ I'm looking into getting a 125cc bike to try and cut down on how much fuel i'm burning through each week in the daily 65 mile commute to work and back. I've always always wanted a motorbike to call my own and now not only can I get one, but it'll be paying for itself! I've been around a few bike shops and talked to new and veteran bikers in and around Kent, UK, to get a feel of what I should be looking to get both in terms of a decent bike but also the clothing and other extras. I found this website and it looks like it's a great place to hash out ideas on what to do with my bike when I get it. From the stats and the looks I'm 90% set on getting a Yamaha 125 YBR, after seeing one up-front I wanted to ride it away there and then - shame i need my cbt first eh? I was almost - almost - convinced to go all-out and get a 600cc machine as I want to do a 200 mile ride either once a month or once every other month, maybe in time I think. I guess that's it. So hello everyone, I hope I get to speak with you all soon! MrLaister
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