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  1. Trim5678

    Bloody To$$erS

    He joined the year after that was released, but I guess most people would associate him with it? And yes I did know about Mr. Lynott and Miss. Crowther.... music trivia I'm okay on!
  2. I NEVER should have bought my mum that coat.....
  3. Trim5678

    Bloody To$$erS

    Northern Irish born guitar god.... played most famously in Thin Lizzy, also in Skid Row, BBM, etc. etc. but been solo artist for years. Amazing guitarist and makes the best faces possible when soloing!
  4. Trim5678

    Bloody To$$erS

    Picture this..... its Friday, you're looking forward to a nice ride tomorrow, Cornwall to Bournemouth. See some mates, see my mum, and then (wait for it) go and see Gary Moore. A mixture of friends, family and a guitar god. Only thing that might spoil it is the rain, but a new oversuit will fix that. Call Damerells in Indian Queens and tell them you're running late, can you pay for it over the phone and get them to leave it outside somewhere? "I'm only going to be 5 or 10 minutes late" I said...... "We'll wait for you" came the reply.... I hammered over in the pi$$ing rain.... got there SIX minutes late (45 minute journey in 33 minutes) and all the ba$tards had gone home. Their loss.... one customer NOT going back to them for bikes, clothing, parts or anything else I can think of to spend my money on. Anyway... Gary Moore tomorrow night!!!
  5. Hi guys, I'm thinking of buying a Delkevic 450mm SSteel end-can (and link pipe) for my Fazer Thou for about £100.... road legal but with removable baffle for better noise production(!) Anybody got any experience of these, I know you get what you pay for yadda yadda yadda but just for a bit of fun, and a-hundred-squid..... would it be a bad move? Cheers
  6. Thanks Cynic, I did wonder about the Swinging Arm bushes etc. I'm pretty sure the chain adjusters are spot on so maybe I'll check the arm... any tips? On the main stand do you think I'll be able to detect any play? Or shall I just take it to my local grease-pit?
  7. Hi Guys, newbie on the forum and I've got a question..... Sometimes, the rear wheel feels like its wandering to the left, independently of the front. This has happened a few times now and happens regardless of speed, wind strength or if I'm coming out of a bend. In fact, it's happened when I'm going in a straight line once or twice. It's not violent or anything, but I'm sure it's not right! The bike has high miles (42k) but has been REALLY well cared for and serviced etc. Any ideas? Cheers, Tim
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