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  1. Alex

    2021 MT-09 Thoughts?

    Well Yamaha have put up 360 photos now https://www.yamaha-motor.eu/gb/en/products/motorcycles/hyper-naked/mt-09/ Now I've seen it properly I don't like the light, much prefer the more aggressive look of the existing model. Love the dash though, wonder if I can make it fit my one...
  2. Alex

    2021 MT-09 Thoughts?

    I'm really 50/50 on it, I'm not sure if it'll grow on me. Looks like they've fixed the annoying issue with the quick shifter light being perm on, rather than only lighting up if there's an issue. Wonder if they've finally fixed the suspension...
  3. Well it's certainly an odd ad, but what do you think of the new MT?
  4. Sorry haven't commented on this earlier. I've been looking at trying to get a good way of automating posts from here to Facebook, currently I haven't really found a nice way of doing it without spamming everyone. There's a new version launching int he next few weeks which should make this possible. You're right it's Facebook, our traffic significantly dropped once shortly after they launched their groups functionality. Compared to a forum it's pretty useless in regards to searching and usability etc. However it's there immediately in your hand where most people are checking all the time.
  5. Have been looking at buying a Shoei GT Air 2 but have read poor reviews about the integrated Senna SRL2 speakers. I was wondering if anyone has cut the originals off and upgraded them?
  6. I've just purchased a windjammer but stupidly didn't think about the fact that I have an intercom and a video camera glued on the side so can't use it. Does anyone know of one which can be fitted internally somehow?
  7. Well went with the K-Tech as it had length adjustment, it feels like the backend needs to be slightly higher so will have a play.
  8. You can always fit an easy pull clutch device, obviously there are nicer ones than this one https://www.thirdgear.com.au/easy-pull-clutch-system take a look on ebay
  9. Alex

    Forum update

    Just finished the dreaded server move whilst you guys were sleeping, let me know if you have any issues. Cheers
  10. Alex

    Mt10 oil change

    Hi Grimo the Yamalube is fully synthetic
  11. Anyone fitted either of the above to their bike? Or know generally which is a better shock? Cheers
  12. Alex

    Forum update

    Yeah that should be fixed, there was another software update and I changed some caching settings to speed up the site. I didn't realise it was caching the forum pages which it shouldn't. Are you still getting issues?
  13. Nice idea, but my sexy one piece body condom wouldn't fit. Will have to just keep my eye out for the right tail pack.
  14. That would have been perfect if half the size Still has the hassle of taking on and off, I'll eventually get the right tail bag, just harder to find than expected.
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