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  1. Alex

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    Nice idea, but my sexy one piece body condom wouldn't fit. Will have to just keep my eye out for the right tail pack.
  2. Alex

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    That would have been perfect if half the size Still has the hassle of taking on and off, I'll eventually get the right tail bag, just harder to find than expected.
  3. Alex

    Biker down course

    Have you done anything with IAM or BMF?
  4. Welome to the mad house mate
  5. Alex

    Anyone use a tail bag?

    Yamaha don't make a specific tail bag. Ironically I didn't even think about a tank bag, even though I've had a bagster tank cover with mounts on for the last year. I've just kept it on to stop the tank getting scratched when parked amongst the bikes outside work. I'll take a look but I don't think they do any tank bags which still give easy access to the filler cap. Had a look at Kriega but they look like bags and I'm quite vain, I'd like something which looks like a small shell bag, similar to the hard shell type motorbike backpacks.
  6. I've had enough carrying a backpack just to carry my waterproofs and disc lock, can anyone recommend a smallish tail bag I can leave permanently on the bike?
  7. Alex

    Forum update

    @blackhat250 Should be fixed now, are they working for you?
  8. Alex

    Biker down course

    I wish they had something like Bikerdown out here, all the training that I've found so far is track based. Which sort of defeats the object for me. They don't teach SMIDSY out here, not sure why. Anyone who doesn't know of it.
  9. Alex

    Forum update

    Yeah I've noticed that, I'm still waiting for support to get back to me on it. Oh well we have super smilies now, animated gifs!
  10. Alex

    Forum update

    Just to confirm, everything is ok now for everyone?
  11. Alex

    Forum update

    Hi, yeah there was an issue over the weekend, the hosting company auto upgraded Linux which needed patching which took the server down.
  12. Alex

    Ear protection

    @bippo I haven't seen the C4 out here, will have to take another look and see if can be ordered from anywhere. I've currently got the Shark Evoline 3 flip which lets a lot of wind noise through, that and the horrid droning when commuting is awful. That aside, I got the new plugs through and tried them this morning and they are noticably better than the previous foam ones I was using.
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