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  1. Hi mate, yep got some ,got them in post yesterday gonna try and fit them in next few days, also got some asv shorty levers and some gilles rearsets to fit so gonna be busy
  2. Thanks again Chris, ive emailed about the ebay plates just waiting for a reply but think ive found a place that makes them www.bikestyleuk.com spoke to him yesterday and he said they're making a batch in next 2 weeks
  3. Cheers Chris, tried ebay,local dealer and sheffield motorcycles but no joy, ive been told they came with the seat pod on earlier versions,thanks for your help the search goes on.
  4. Hi, ive got a R6 2008 and want to remove pillion footpegs but cant find any blanking plates anywhere, anyone know where to get some? any help would be much appreciated,cheers Dave
  5. Dave 1971

    ASV levers

    Hi, ive seen some ASV shorty levers on ebay from a 2007 R1, would they fit a 2008 R6? Cheers Dave
  6. Hi John, have you been out on the RR's yet? im thinking of getting some for my 2008 R6 and just wondered how good they are. Cheers Dave
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