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  1. hi all, having problems starting bike. all started couple weeks ago after washing bike, i would hit the start button and it would turn over but wouldn't fire up unless you gave a fist full of throttle. i took it out for a long ride to dry it all out cos i thought maybe water had got in the electrics, and that seemed to of have cured it. but today i tried starting it and it wouldn't fire up unless i pinned the throttle back. but i noticed this time that when turning over and not firing the temp sersor reading would flash between hi and low readings. any ideas cheers john
  2. hi all my bike is 18 months old and the down pipes look like 10 years old. any ideas what i could do to stop them corroding any more? on chopper style bikes they use exhaust wrap but it makes the exhaust run hotter, would it be worth me putting some on? or would it do something that could bugger it up? any help please cheers john
  3. yes it will fit 08 and 09 are the same bike
  4. yeah been out on them they give pleanty of grip in the cold, duel compound works a treat last set managed to wear side of tyre before middle!! they also make the bike quicker to steer, hope this helps, although a little late john
  5. dudman

    R6 sat nav

    hi i got an 08 r6 same clocks as 07 and i use a cheap tomtom one suckered on the rev counter done a fewhunderd miles with it on and hasent fallen off (yet) hope this helps john
  6. thanks for all the replies, thought you might like to know i got another pair of quailfier rr's cheers
  7. WOW, wot a nutter!!! when can i have a go!!!
  8. the last few years i've used kwik fit (express insurance),swinton and MCE. I get a quote from all three and then get them all to fight for my custom, most of the time i get about 20% knocked off premium. no one else can seem to get get close to these three on price (for me anyway!!) hope this helps john
  9. dudman

    Washing a bike

    don't use pressure washer!!! use normal hose and 'muc off' cleaning solution
  10. hi all, looking for a new set of tyres for my 2008 r6 and im after some recomendations. the bike came with dunlop qualifiers which were pants( they took ages to warm up )ive just finished off a pair of qualifiers rr which were brill until they hit about 3mm depth then they eat themselfs within 300 miles!! so i'll be looking for a pair for fast road use and track days. thanks john
  11. reminds me of when i first rode a geared bike
  12. dudman


    you can see them fine with brake on, you just have to find the right ones. i showed them to my usual mot tester, and he said as long as you can clearly see them there should be no porblems
  13. whilst running in the r6 and getting very bored! i decided it would be a good idea to try and sit more up right with just fingertips on throttle and other hand on tank, cos my back was killin me. was doin alright until i went round a slight left hand bend! stretched out throttle hand and accidently opened the throttle wide open, almost throwing me off and pulling a cracking wheelie I paid a bit more attention after that!!
  14. dudman


    jesus, someones been busy! just out of intrest what have you done with indercators when you put tail tidy on? cos i just got a plate hanger (no indercators on plate hanger) and got 5 LEDs each side of rear light as indercators and they really tidy up the back end. ne way welcome
  15. service manual says after first service at 600 miles the next service should be at 6000m miles or 12 months whichever is sooner. so what the manual saying is that you should have a annual service every year unless a major service comes up eg. 6000 mile service done instead hope this helps
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