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  1. smudge3lions


    Awesome, Essex girls a good one... but mistress is better.... :D
  2. smudge3lions


    Police in Liverpool have arrested 3 of 4 well known Scouse Islamic terrorists: Bin Snortin, Bin Dealin and Bin Thievin. There was no sign of Bin Workin. :P
  3. Took some advice (thanks everyone). Went out today and got a HJC AG-15 Draco helmet in blue/white from local dealer, helmet fits lovely, very light, lots of extras as standard i.e. smoked and clear visor, breath guard, chin curtain and a 25% discount and some cleaning kit, what more could you ask for? Thank you very much.... :D
  4. Fantastic response from the old guy..... :lol:
  5. Divorce lawyer: Mickey you can't divorce Minny for just having big teeth.... Mickey Mouse : I never said she had big teeth!! I said she was Fucking GOOFY!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!
  6. yeah been there with the kids and seen them wolves, they bloody stink..... lol!!! your right great roads though!!!
  7. I got no probs with the caberg as such just want a full face, he flip front is noisy...
  8. Thanks all for the advice Seems like a HJC are well respected I was looking at a HJC FG-15 Draco in the shop today, got to admit it was very nice, watch this space.......... lol..
  9. Cheers Tom, I was looking at hjc in Irelands in Barnstaple as it goes... what sort of harm do you mean when you said more harm than good??? thanks for the advice
  10. Cheers wildone, Nice looking lid mate, but I'm a bit fussy, and i have a blue bike so I'm looking for a dark lid, black-black/silver type thing.. good luck getting rid though..
  11. Hi to everyone, I'm new to the site, just got a 2002 R6, as a 2nd bike, 1st was a Kawasaki er6-f nice but no where near an R6 in any way, (in my newish rider opinion) while I was riding the er6 i wore a caberg justismo gt helmet which was fine but for some reason when i'm on the R6 (maybe coz i'm going 'a bit' faster) the caberg makes a cracking sound where the visor hinges are, any one know why??? Anyway i'm after a good full face helmet now with about £150-£200 ish cash, has anyone got any advice which ones are any good??? been looking at AGV Stealth..what do you think?? Cheers
  12. Hi everyone, New to the site having recently got my hands on a 2002 R6, I was wondering if there is anyone else knocking around the North Devon area..????
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