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  1. Sorry, i don`t know a lot about using the 750 crank, all i know is the Ace or FZR1000 engine can be built into the YZF750 casings, thus keeping the original engine number.
  2. 8000rpm indicates a problem with the fuel level indicator circuit Check the wiring connector that goes to the tank.
  3. YZF750 is the same. In fact, the rear wheel is the same.
  4. Very nice, best colour for the YZF750. Just needs some white mirrors to finish it off. (Then you could sell me those black ones)
  5. Cheers mate. Looking at something similar to the old paint job, either red,white and black or yellow,white and black, with the Yamaha speedblocks again. Or might go with something along the lines of the red,white and blue OW01 scheme.
  6. Its been a while, been busy working on the house, but managed a little more on the bike. Finally got around to fitting the YZF750 bodywork. Had to jiggle a few brackets, but all on. Just needs tidying and respraying.
  7. These might help. This is an Ace, i just moved the electrics due to modding the rear end.
  8. No probs mate, are they the stainless exup-free headers? Be interested to know how it runs with them fited.
  9. 340mm from mounting bolt hole centres.
  10. The Goldspots will fit, but make sure they`re not the later radial ones. The Goldspots are same as Bluespots, apart from the pistons are lighter, less prone to seizing and a little better performance. You`ll also need the R1/R6/Thunderace master cylinder, as the original FZR master cylinder will make the brakes feel "wooden"
  11. rf9rider

    do i bin the exup?

    If you wire the valve open, you`ll have a big flatspot under 3500-4500 rpm. If you get the exup free headers, expect to do a little re-jetting. There is quite a weight saving with the new headers, about 7-8kg if i remember rightly. I have them fitted to my Ace, but the cam overlap is different between the Ace and YZF`s, so theres no need for re-jetting the Ace. The only reason i fitted them was the Ace headers are made from cheap metal and rot quickly, and theres no need to worry about servicing the exup valve. If you don`t mind servicing the valve, spend your money elsewhere as i don`t feel theres any power gains with the new headers. And if you have flatsides on your SP, might be a nightmare setting them up correctly?
  12. Nooooooo, the R1 tail doesn`t suit the shape of the Ace, looks horrible in my opinion.
  13. Best oil for the YZF750`s is 10/40 semi synthetic.
  14. As said in your other post, if the Exup valve is seized/not working, you will find under 4000 rpm it will feel gutless. The YZF750 will rev out at 13,500, so you got plenty to go yet. You have to work these motors to get the benefit.
  15. rf9rider

    FZR 1000 EXUP??

    No worries, let us know how you get on with the new headers.
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