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  1. Shoei Suzuki GSXR version, not because I have a GSXR but I like the style, it fits well, loew noise, and the anti fog clip on works great. Also have a caberg with the integral sun visor, it's noisy by comparison, the sun visor is useful though on those typical British weather days you know, sunny, cloudy, sunny, cloudy etc etc
  2. Mr G


    Hi there, I'm not new too bikes but I am new to this great club. Welcome and I hope you enloy riding as much as i do
  3. I am a white van driver and biker and riding home through B'Ham in rush hour when everone has been waiting to light up for what must have seemed like a lifetime, can be likend to a scene from volcano when the ash comes down Don't get me wrong, I used to be a smoker too, but some of these drivers must have smoke in their eyes becaues they can't SEE MEEEEEEE!!!
  4. Mr G

    idiots in shorts

    The only ones who can wear shorts on bikes are the babes on the show stands Not being sexist, I'm just not into men in shorts
  5. Hi everyone Yes, another newbie to ask loads of silly questions, and generally make an ass of himself, but then I'm not new to that, so to the intro I have been riding since the test was threee times around the block and an emergency stop, what a grouler (starting to show my age now) lost touch while the kids grew up ---- but you can't keep an old biker down can you guys & gals, I have done the cold, wind, snow, rain & got the tee shirt, so I just enjoy the SUNNY Sundays Ha Ha I'm not far from jnct 9 M6, so if there's anybody else out there give us a shout Currently got SV650S - my fun New XJR1300 - my pride and joy (this one is Sunday two up job) Just collected today CB200 renovation project - this was one of the first New real bikes I owned (there you go, showing my age again) Any way hello to all & hope to meet some of you at some time Happy biking
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